Common Ales: Baerlic’s Oat Soda

Baerlic's Oat Soda in a glass next to a can of same

The nose or Baerlic’s Oat Soda takes me back to 1979: I am 5 and asking my Dad if I can have a sip of his beer. He’s handing over the bottle cap, showing me how to parse the pictogram puzzle on it.

I never really got good at those puzzles. Wordplay is for minds of a different bent.

The Oat Soda is what I remember from that era, if filtered through 45 years. The finish is clean, and really lets the hop bitterness take stage. The middle of the beer is invisible to me though; no malt that I can detect. It really is like what I remember.

But, context matters. I’m older now, and it’s a 90 degree day in August. A beer this easy to drink that can go with tacos means a lot more to me than it did when I was five.

Go figure.

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