Summer Series #12

Mac & Jack's amber ale in a pint glass on a table outside.

At the Starday Tavern, I’m having a Mac & Jack’s Amber ale. And even if you knew absolutely nothing about the Starday, you could infer from the pour in this glass that it was a dive bar.

Because look at how full this glass is? The thinnest layer of foam on top to let you know the beer is carbonated, the rest of the glass packed with amber ale to ensure that there’s no way some drunk ass can complain about not getting their money’s worth.

If you were sitting here, the presence of old cigarettes-and new ones, too-, despite being outside, would be the other big clue.

The beer is good, though. I mean if you’ve had a Mac & Jack’s then you know it’s about as fine an example of the style as you could ask for. It’s light, sweet, and smooth, with a nice pop on the finish. Very quaffable.

The Starday is also notable for having a small stage upon which punk bands will perform in the evenings. I like this, since it helps give the avenue a little life. Streets worth walking should have things worth stopping at. Gives the avenue a little character, you know?

When the wind blows just right, the cigarettes go away and I can smell pizza. This makes me want to cut my stay short. It isn’t even great pizza but even merely adequate pizza is still pizza, and it is just sixty feet away.

Hell, do they even have food at the Starday? I mean, legally they do but I can’t imagine what they might cook. The Starday is tiny and I don’t know where they’d hide a kitchen. Maybe there’s some kind of TARDIS effect inside.

This is the second week in a row where pizza has been adjacent to my beer. Let’s say the Universe is trying to give me a hint.

It’s hard to complain about a hint that suggests pizza.

I feel like I should keep this place in my back pocket though. Like, when I want to go somewhere where it is 100% certain I won’t run into anyone I know, I should come here. Everyone should have a nice place where nobody knows them.


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