Imperial Amber 2022 v.2

Hitting the ground running with this beer.

The nose seems a little sweeter than average. The caramel malts are there but there’s also an additional sweetness that isn’t quite expected. It’s not offputting, but it isn’t normal.

Drinking it, the weight of the beer is a touch more than expected. It isn’t quite thick, but it doesn’t rest lightly on the tongue.

It’s a solid beer nonetheless.

Brew date: 3.12.22

Steeping grains
.75 lb Carabohemian
7 lb Talisman british
1 lb Eureka

Fermentables: 6 lb Light Malt Extract

.75 oz East Kent Goldings, .5 oz Pearle @60
.25 oz EKG, .5 oz Pearle @5

Yeast: Imperial House (2nd use)

OG: 1.08

FG: 1.012

Bottled: 4/2

ABV: 9.2%


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