Summer Series ’22 #1/Second Pint WWH

Last time I checked there was close to one million words in the English language. One million! As someone who really does appreciate the craft of writing, it floors me to think about it.

Ex Novo's The Most Interesting Lager In The World on a table outside

That means that for someone who’s willing to be diligent and desires to be precise, the word you want is out there.

Correct, right, just, proper; these words all mean and yet do not mean, the same thing.

It might be correct to follow the law, for example. But is it just?

It might be proper to wear a mask indoors, but is it right to go indoors?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot and today specifically with the Most Interesting Lager In the World from Ex Novo, because for the first time in three years, I am blogging from a place that is not my porch.

I’m at the wonderful Workers Tap.

As someone who has had it better than most, the pandemic has still been difficult. But I chose to stay home because I knew it was important, it helped keep people safe, it was a good thing, and it set an example.

I realize that this is a small blog with small numbers of readers but every little bit counts. I know people who work in healthcare or have to work with the public at large, and I work alongside people who are vulnerable. It is important that I make myself visible, doing the things I can because I know that I’m seen.

But with that visibility is a responsibility, yes? To show up for people, to be better.

The bitch of it is: things aren’t getting better. And I am, like all of you, suffering for it. Despite wearing my mask indoors, and getting vaccinated, and doing the social distancing that I can do…things are rough. I’m a bit lonely.

You have to put on your own mask before you can assist others. If I’m not OK, I won’t set the kind of example I expect to see from myself.

So, here’s what I’m going to do: I’m going to have my Monday pints at a place.

The rules are simple:

This series will only last as long as it is comfortable to have a beer outside.

I will always be drinking outside.

I will be up to date on my vaccinations, and will mask indoors as appropriate. Which right now is always.

We’ll call this the Summer Series. And sure, I’ll probably be back on the porch come October. If that’s the case, then I’ll write from there and do Summer Series ‘23 next year.

But I wanted to be clear about what I was doing, why I was doing It, and the standard I was going to hold myself to. Because while I am not going to behave as though the pandemic is over, I am also not going to behave as if my own mental health doesn’t matter.

So that’s the deal. Hope everyone understands.

This beer is pretty good, too. But we’ll talk about Worker’s Tap another time, ‘cause I like it here and will be back.

Today’s second pint is going to the Whole Women’s Health GoFundMe, so they can relocate services.


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