Respite 37/Second Pint MJ

Frun’s Kolsch is a German brewery’s take on the Kolsch style and yeah, it’s not bad but the lager/funk note is emphasized over the bready quality that I like in Old Town’s vision of this style. Essentially; t34644602306_bd74931611_chis reminds me so much of a lager that I’m just not sure why I wouldn’t pick a lager?

The other thing that’s interesting is that this beer doesn’t have a title. It’s just; Brewery: Style. I feel like I’ve seen this before in other German breweries but I’m probably just imagining that.

Still, I like having titles, even if I’m bad at coming up with them.

A group next to me is talking about the forthcoming IT movie and the old TV show and the ending, about how the monster in the finale wasn’t as scary as it could have been (the TV show) or was just weird (book) and they seem to be forgetting exactly what IT was about:

IT was about your personal fear. IT always, always, personified what was scariest to you-to the individual character who had to face IT.

Which is why every character in the book had personal challenges-each one had a specific fear to overcome, something detailed to them and only them. Each of them overcame that fear once…but for some, doing it again was too much.

Why is that what I remember-but not what they remember?

Of course the final boss was nothing, almost silly, once they got there. Hell, the goddamn book ends with a benevolent turtle god giving advice!

Because if we are able to isolate those fears, talk about them, rally some-even one- person to help and see them for what they are? 99% of them aren’t so bad.

They’re blown up, like a balloon with too much helium. And when that deflation happens, it’s a useful way to help us tell the difference between fears of being isolated, or rejected, or shunned, from the legitimate fears-ones we share and agree on- of a pernicious streak of authoritarian white dudes distorting everything America’s ideals stand for.

Just sayin’.

Today’s second pint is going towards Mother Jones, for their work investigating Donald Trump

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