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Round Two #14\Second Pint POP

I can smell the Definitely Is IPA from a foot and a half away. So, I’ve ordered a hazy…

Definitely Is IPA-hazyI might not have, if my initial exchange with the barkeep had gone a little different:

“I’m not sure about the IPA or the Amber ale. Have you had either?” I asked.

“Well, they’re very specific. It just depends on which you’re in the mood for.”

Well. Thanks for that illuminating comment. I take a risk on the beer, because it’s a collaboration between Breakside and Wayfinder and they’re usually pretty solid.

The nose on this fades rapidly, and that’s…both bad, since I don’t get those flavors now, and a little good, since a radius of 18 inches is a strong initial olfactory broadcast.

It tastes like grapefruit soda with a champagne finish. Sweet, especially in the middle, a little rind-pithy near the end with a very dry finish to complete the cycle.

Barely a third of the way into the drink though, and that pith quality starts to amplify. It’s a good thing that this beer wants to finish dry, because that keeps the bitterness from sticking to my tongue for long.

It’s a bit of a shame, since the glass this has been served to me in is adorable. I feel as though a better beverage is due for this glass.

The second pour: Fuck Nazis.

I’m sorry. I’m distracted: Portland was subject to ‘protests’ by white nationalist groups today, and while there was a healthy showing by people who recognize that this is all terrible, there was also the Portland Police closing the Hawthorne bridge and escorting the white nationalists across it. The media got their panties in a bunch by people breaking the windows on a bus of fascists leaving the city (said fascists had started attacking people with hammers), and the racists got a great photo op and a police escort.

Because the racists and fascists are who we should be giving consideration to.

The description of what is, honestly, an adequate hazy IPA, fades in relevance to the fact that in 2019, I have to publicly say: fuck Nazis, because the Powers That Be have decided that making money is far more important than stopping fascism.

That’s weird, right? It’s certainly weird enough to put me off this beer.

Today’s second pint goes to Point of Pride.


Round 2 #13/ Second Pint ACLU

Oakshire Reclaim the Fame IPAToday I picked up Oakshire’s Reclaim the Fame IPA. I wasn’t certain but I was guessing that this would be a “throwback” IPA, or what they’re calling (sigh) West Coast IPAs. I suppose I’m just being a little curmudgeonly; West/East Coast IPA is an easy way for people to make the distinction between the styles, and I shouldn’t be so uptight about it. The bigger point, however, is that I was right: This is a clear IPA with a bitter finish.

I like the pine nose that I can pick up but it’s not strong. The flavors aren’t too forest-y either; a little bit but the middle has a nice malt backbone-honey seems to be the standout flavor here- and a bitter quality on the finish that appears with a little ‘sup and fades. The hops are prominent, and even forward in this beer, but they are not the be all end all, and I like that.

I get to taste the second pour a little quicker. but the head evaporates almost remarkably fast as the first pour. That is a small bummer, but it does explain why I can’t seem to get a lot out of smelling this beer.

The bitterness has settled in though; while not oppressive the foundation for some proper bitterness has been laid and now I’m picking up a palate cleanse with this quality. I wish the Reclaim was a little more effervescent, since that would help temper the hop finish, but on the other hand; this is a back to basics IPA that is there to remind people why this style rose to popularity in the first place. I’m recommending it.

Today’s second pint goes to the ACLU.

Round 2 #12\Second Pint EFGS

54-40’s Red Zeppelin is a red ale, and it’s a chilled, toasty, delightful beer to have on a 93 degree day. 54-40 Red Zeppelin ale

Whose idea was this, 93 degrees? My goodness.

But this beverage has a cold chocolate ribbon through it and I am pleased to have it. The finish is a little bitter but it’s a toasted bitter, not a hop bitterness. The finish isn’t very crisp but this drink reminds me, just a little of the drinkable chocolate drinks I’ve had, except it’s cold.

The second round, I slow down enough to see if I can smell anything and I can’t pick anything up. Again, one of the things I seem to noting is how cold this beer is. I’m not sure if that’s because it’s been such a hot day, or because the beer is colder than usual.

The chocolate note is right below the toasted flavor now, and while I cannot say that the Red Zeppelin has changed, I certainly have noticed the toast more than the chocolate. Still, a pretty damn lovable red ale; just about everything you want in the style and light enough that you can have a couple of them.

Today’s second pint goes to Everytown For Gun Safety.

Round Two #11\Second Pint AIC

Block 15 Wandelpad BlondeThe biggest thing I know Block 15 for is their excellent Sticky Hands IPA, so when I saw a blonde ale on tap by them, I was interested in seeing how they would take on a different style of beer. Hence: the Wandelpad Belgian blonde.

That Belgian yeast scent is right up front; a little clove, a little honeysuckle sweetness. Something that isn’t quite sugar but isn’t something else, either.

The yeast has just taken over the flavors of this beer, too. Clove and sweetness pawing over my tongue like a Labrador trying to say hello. The finish has a dry element though; this beer is something that makes me thirsty without quenching my thirst.

That’s…new. I’m not sure how to process a drink that doesn’t fix thirst. If I was a more troubled man, I might subscribe to being under a curse of some kind.

This beer flummoxes me; have I died? Am I to be troubled forever now, perturbed by the flavors of clove, hot days accompanied with unquenchable thirst, to punish me like Job?

The second beer has elements of…sulfur?

Oh, no. Did I get the wrong beer or am I cursed?

I clear my palate and try again. Whew: the familiar clove yeast scent is back. There isn’t an all powerful force in the universe trying to punish me. Sure, I’ve got a beer that I still don’t know how to work with-it’s not at all unpleasant but it kinda doesn’t do what beer is supposed to do? It’s a little like the trope about Chinese food; you eat it and are still hungry.

But I find most Chinese food to be a bit more tasty.

Perhaps food is what this beer needs; something to balance its imbalance. A charcuterie plate would work perfect, actually, since I think this beer can easily hold its own against dried meats and cheeses.

Today’s second pint goes to the American Immigration Council.

Round Two #10\Second Pint STV

I have finally gotten out early enough to check out Threshold’s brewery, which has been getting all the buzz lately. The Best Laid Plans IIPA is calling my name, so here we go!

Threshold Best Laid Plans IIPAOranges seem to be the strongest scent, and they run a current under the beer. But I get a bit of melon in the flavor, too. There’s enough sweetness in the middle that the pithy qualities of the hazy IPAs don’t turn the beer against me. It’s pretty nicely balanced, so far, which makes this beer more pleasant to drink than most hazys I often get.

I, personally, am not a huge fan of the melon flavors. However! It’s just midway through the first glass; I might have my mind changed. If I’m going to have a second beer, I’d rather keep my ears up for anything new, or to appreciate something I knew better, than write it all off.

If I have an issue at this point, it’s that five of the nine beers Threshold has made are variants on IPAs. Sure, there’s Brut IPA and sour IPA and double IPA buuuuut c’mon. There are also two stouts,  and that leaves a grisette and a Pilsner to round it all out. Five IPAs is a lot of IPA.

Still, let’s go for the second glass, shall we?

By now, the finishing bitterness has appeared and is coating my mouth. It isn’t too intense, but I can definitely pick it up. That bitterness doesn’t mute the sweetness in the middle; rather it emphasizes the melon flavors more than it does the citrus ones. As you might imagine, that isn’t exactly a point it it’s favor for me.

That said, I know there are people who will love this beer and these flavors; if that’s you, have at because this is a very solid example of the style, in my opinion. Heck, I might even try a not-IPA, since this is such a strong effort.

Today’s second pint goes to Spread The Vote.

Round Two #9\Second Pint EACADA

Stormbreaker Everyday is beer week IPAStormbreaker’s Everyday is PDX Beer Week ale is what I’m pondering, so I ask about it.

“It’s a sour IPA.”

Wait. What?

“Yeah, it was kettle soured and then heavily dry hopped.”

Well, Stormbreaker does good stuff so let’s give it a shot.

The hops are definitely there in the nose, and they go citrus/orange flavored. This is a good thing, since the beer is tart-honestly, drinking it is very similar to drinking really good lemonade. It’s light and just sweet enough in the midrange so the tartness doesn’t overrun my taste buds, but has that mild pucker that cuts through a lot; this would be fantastic with a dense dessert or even something like a hot dog with everything: a great palate reset.

I can see this beer as the comedic fulcrum in a movie; adults who inadvertently leave it out in a glass, kids who are just thirsty and taking sips off the drink without knowing it’s alcohol. 80’s style hijinks ensue.

Glass two; the hop character isn’t as forward in the nose; a little flavor fatigue is happening, at my best guess. On the other hand; more of the lemon-tart quality appears and that’s interesting too.

Also, the finishing bitterness is starting to become a little more pronounced. It’s not enough to make the sour element go away, but it does add a little sprinkle of complexity to the beer.

Today’s second pint goes to EACADA.

Round Two #8\Second Pint RAICES

It isn’t often I get to talk about Chuckanut Brewing-although I imagine the opportunities will increase, since I think they’ve gotten distribution in Portland-but when I saw the pilsner on tap, I knew I had to have it. One nice thing about the new theme: I don’t always have to go for the new shiny object.Chuckanut Pilsner

The nose is slightly spicy from the hops and not a trace of malt to be found, which is both awesome and interesting.

The beer has a mild sweetness to it but that easily steps aside for a touch of bitterness and then even that steps aside to leave nothing behind.

It’s delicious and I feel lucky to get to tell you that you should be drinking this; Chuckanut’s beers are just so well done.

Let’s have a second one!

The thing about good beers is the consistency. And this isn’t just about the second glass, although that is certainly true.

In the case of a Pilsner, or at least this one, it’s about this beer tasting good all the way down; even after breaks of conversation. I still look forward to finishing my beer, telling you all about it.

Sometimes I just want to tell people: Just try it, and let them discover it for themselves. This is definitely one of them.

Today’s second pint goes to RAICES.