Trends For 2017

A friend of mine sent me a link on craft beer trends for next year. My take on that?

  1. Lagers are due for some attention from craft breweries but I don’t know why they’d show up in fall: seasonally lagers make more sense in summer. That said: lagers don’t get a lot of attention because the macrobreweries have that style on lockdown. I’m not very hopeful for this one.
  2. IPAs as grapefruit juice: is SO 2016. Please no.
  3. Milk stouts…I can’t say that I’d be displeased about those but I’ve already made my own! Multiple times even and again this weekend. So for once, I’m ahead of the curve!
  4. Coffee beers…where has this person been? Coffee stouts have been a staple of the craft brew scene for at least a decade, as far as I can recall. They can’t be a new trend if they’re already there.
  5. Kolsch…you do whatever you want with your kolsch but until it’s better or more interesting than Old Town Brewing’s beer, I’m hard pressed to care. And that style is damned hard to do well, so I don’t expect this one to ring true. Especially with the “experimentation” angle being put forth. Kolsch is so light that adding any flavor will allow that flavor to dominate the beer.
  6. Gose have been on the cusp of making it big for about two years, maybe three. If the GABF has shown the writer that breweries are finding a way to make the style break into the big time, I’m all for it: the style of beer is really interesting and especially refreshing in warm weather.

And that the hot take on…uh, another hot take?

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