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Do You Stand in Line?

Do you wait in line to get food or beer?

My answer is always: No. I live in Portland and one can findĀ  pretty good food and very good beer anywhere. If there’s a line at one place, I can quite literally throw a rock in nearly any direction and find a place that will do just as well, without having to wait.

As a result, I generally look upon people who stand in line for beer or food as a little silly. Why are you waiting for tacos? Tacos are everywhere! What’s the point of waiting to get the latest Abyss? Just to have it?

This guy has a different take on the subject and it has me reconsidering my position on the matter.

Because he’s right: coming together for a common thing is a way to connect to people and that’s what being excited about something is about. Sharing it with other people.

I still don’t think I’m going to be waiting in line though. But I can support those who want to do it!


I Close My Eyes And Walk (5)000 Years

If I get a chance to make a Soundgarden reference, I’m going to do that.

Students at Stanford University made a 5000 year old beer recipe.

In addition to being pretty cool, the article goes into why this kind of thing matters. Turns out, these are archeology students, not chemists!

Now, as a tiny beer geek note, I have to say that they couldn’t make the precise recipe, of course. If nothing else, the yeast from that era has evolved more times than I can calculate but even if somehow yeast didn’t evolve, the strains of barley, rice and millet have all changed too through farming techniques, climate, and other variables I’m sure I don’t have the expertise to take into account.

Still, this is neat!

On Juniper

I thought this article on the use of juniper throughout the history of brewing was really interesting! I wonder if the flavors that juniper adds contributed to the development of hops with more pine or resin flavors?

I’ve got my doubts, because pine hops rarely tend to show up in modern farmhouse ales-the flavor profiles of funk and forest don’t seem to be too compatible. It does make for an interesting thought experiment, though.