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The Splendid Table recently did an episode profiling some women in the brewing industry.

I’ve talked about Theresa McCulla before, the curator at the Smithsonian. I don’t know that she brought up something new to me, but others might learn something.

However, if you do know about her work already, then you can skip to about 24 minutes in to hear some great interviews with the other two women, Atinuke Akintola Diver, talking about her documentary and Stephanie Grant who has some awesome suggestions for beer styles to try in fall.

Make Up Yer Mind

I have been reading complaint after complaint about the saturation of IPAs in the market and how nobody produces anything else but IPAs.

And then this article comes along.

Well. Which is it?*

*It’s that larger craft breweries do have too many dang IPAs but smaller ones are expanding their styles and doing them well. Plus, the article has a nice overview and ways to appreciate the variety of lager styles available! So even if you’re not interested in the history, the last third of the article might be of interest.