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Glossary Terms

I thought this explanation of two commonly used words to describe certainly qualities in beer was pretty helpful. There’s even a bit of science in there to help explain why those qualities might exist!



The Economic Story

There’s a lot to enjoy in this story from the Atlantic about the economic impact of craft beer in America.

I leave it to the reader, however, to ponder the impact of designing inefficient markets in other realms.

The Slow Pour

This story on the art of the slow pour pilsner (and it’s less than subtle critique of Americans who just want to open a bottle and drink-heaven forbid!) has me wondering a couple things:

First, would a slow pour be of benefit to other styles? IPAs transmit a lot of information via scent, maybe I should try it?

Second, how much of the improved taste is true and how much of it is just mental bullshit convincing yourself it’s true because you had the resolve to wait? Because snobbery is a thing.



The Spoiled

This observation from Jeff Alworth is an interesting take on a problem I find myself dealing with in Portland fairly often.

I have a lot of options, when it comes to potables. Even dive bars now carry some form of craft beer in Portland, most likely made by a brewery in Oregon.

I can get anything and often find myself stuck for a few minutes at the store, staring at my options.

Truth be told, I think options are great. People who don’t like American light lagers should have the choice to get something that aren’t light lagers- or, hell, even purchase light lagers that aren’t made by ABInBev!

The price of that is that it’s going to be challenging for businesses to find customers, something I really hadn’t considered before Jeff brought it up. How will Deschutes or Gigantic or Hopworks have a thriving business if they cannot find customers? Do they all need new customers to stay in business?

I don’t have answers to this but I recognize it’s something I hadn’t considered before and that makes it worth thinking about.

A New Yeast

I liked reading this article on yeast GY7B. The quick recap: this is a yeast that naturally produces the acidity for sour beers, meaning that it could drastically reduce brewing time.

But that’s the short version: I think the long one is worth checking, showing the value that science holds for us and the yet-to-be discovered knowledge in the universe.

To Look For In 2018

From the mouths of experts. There’s some wisdom, a little fortune telling, a little business moxie going on there. Mostly a fun read.

But I’m just going to get ahead of things and say no to lactose imbued IPAs and Sour/IPA concoctions. They might be for someone else and I’ll certainly taste one, but I ain’t paying for that. Those flavors just don’t seem like they mesh together.

As for me, I’m looking forward to continuing this blog, hopefully improving the writing here and elsewhere, and hitting the ten year mark this April!