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More Local Than Ever

This post seems more relevant than ever about how and why we should support the local craft brew places.

This one targets the places around Portland, OR specifically, but I hope you can find similar lists for whatever your region is.

But whatever you do; do it safely. It really is about everyone, because despite what you may have heard, this pandemic is not a joke.

To Go

I get that beer isn’t essential, in the way that bread, veggies, etc is.
However, it’s becoming clearer and clearer to me that this crisis (not the pandemic, the response) is about taking away one’s vision of the future.
What you have to look forward to, ways the world could be reshaped for the better.
And it is little pleasures that help us do that-that remind us that life should not be about crushingly absurd bullshit, all the time. (Sometimes it’s unavoidable)
So I present a list of places that are doing beer pick up or delivery in OR.


What’s To Be Gained

I watched this video on making tacos placeros, and it certainly made me hungry.

It also got me to thinking about what happens when other cultures and people are able to contribute to the community at large. About what is lost when we ignore them. At least half of that video is in Spanish, and without subtitles I wouldn’t know what was going on. But with subtitles, I got a fantastic window into something that I would not have seen-with some ideas for cooking myself.

Which is one reason it’s so great to see different voices come up in the beer scene, including the very cool SheBrew festival. (Which I volunteer at, just for disclosure’s sake.)