OBF 2015

It’s that time of year again: the Oregon Brewer’s Fest is coming up and they have once again been suckered-er, I mean, convinced– to give me a press pass.

This year’s festival is going to truly be international, with breweries returning from the Netherlands and new breweries coming from New Zealand! That is pretty damn cool to me, because it guarantees that there will be beer that I have never, ever had before.

It looks like there may be more than 90 beers, so there is no way I can try all of them and still stay healthy enough to do this again next year. I can say, though, that I’ve been advised to try Anderson Valley’s gose, Widmer’s Collaborator vanilla pale sounds interesting, Kaapse Brouwers Rye ale looks appealing-lagered and then fermented? OK.

Laurelwood’s Hipster Sunburn might have my favorite name, Melvin might have the dullest but the website presentation earns it some points and while I don’t know what Tuatara, Uiltje, or the Yeastie Boys are doing, exactly (their beers are listed but the websites don’t link) I do know that they ain’t from ’round here, so I’m in.

All in all it looks like another fine spread of ales, although, as always, I could use a touch more variety and a little less IPA.

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