On The Rail: Bailey’s (Caldera Edition)

I’ve snuck in a visit to Bailey’s now, because I won’t want to come here for a few weeks. Their 8th (eighth!) anniversary event is coming up soon and I’ve already bought tickets for that. Plus, my friend Fuz is coming down to join me for the event so it should be an excellent day of beers & discussion.

Which is why I’m going to go anywhere else until then. I don’t want to get tired of being here. Also, after the Moon & Sixpence post, I am reminded that I am not exploring as much as I would like. It’s time to, sigh, do some research! Find some unknown spots and see what happens. But man, do I hate research.

After a brief discussion with the bartender, I pick Caldera’s Red Sea ale.

It’s warm, chocolaty, with a nose like hot fudge on a sundae, this beer is luscious and tasty. I do sense a dollop of spiciness on the finish and that’s a nice way to go.

I can’t get over this beer. It’s so good. It really does work like a sundae without the banana influence-there’s vanilla and chocolate notes in the nose and the mouthfeel is so creamy. It’s absolutely fantastic.

I went back for seconds and the beer was gone. Damn.

2 thoughts on “On The Rail: Bailey’s (Caldera Edition)”

  1. The Red Sea was on tap at Green Dragon a day or two ago. May still be on if you go soon.


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