52 Weeks 5: Heater Allen Hugo (bock)

I spent my day transcribing Hafiz poems so I would have a place to remember them. Hafiz is good for a Monday; kindly poems about love and God seem to make those 6 a.m. wakeups easier. Oh, sure I did work as well, but who cares about that? Now I have a bock, and the day is over. 

My shoulders ache far more than they ought to. I am thinking the ergonomics of my workspace is probably not a positive setup.  

Fortunately, beer is a cure for aching muscles. (This statement has not been approved by anyone with authority.) The Heater Allen Hugo bock has a woody scent to it, almost like a fresh cut cedar. The flavors though are a little strange. My initial sips gave me something touched with woodsmoke and salt–which is about as unexpected a flavor as you could think of in a beer. Undaunted I kept drinking, as the picture evidences. (I tried to get another impression of the nose on this beer and ended up snorting a little liquid–do not do this. It hurts.)

The beer looses its head quickly, and has a very smooth mouthfeel that makes it easy to drink. There’s also a smoked flavor at the end that becomes a bit more pronounced as this warms up. However, nearly halfway through my pint I just cant say I’m fond of this beer. I don’t know why, but it just doesn’t gel with me. It feels like there are good elements here, but they don’t quite mesh. 

It gets dark so quickly; the transition from 4p.m. to 4:30p.m. is a quick one. Pinkish skies are blotted out by cloud cover and sundown, with city lights starting to clamor for attention. I am queerly not in the mood to be alone; there seems to be a great deal to accomplish today, and I still have not mastered the trick of just sitting and enjoying myself. Perhaps that will be the goal for next week: to just be and enjoy. Or maybe I ought not to fight to relax, and just see what comes.

6 thoughts on “52 Weeks 5: Heater Allen Hugo (bock)”

  1. Salt: my wife claims to taste salt in all of Roots’ beers. I think it’s the darkness of some of their malts she’s tasting, but who knows?

  2. That’s weird. I’ll have to check a style guide, but I’m pretty sure that’s an off flavor-no matter what the beer is.

    It’s also a reason to go to Roots and get the sampler. See if I taste what she does.

  3. I love the beer at Roots, don’t taste the salt myself. There’s some good stuff on tap there right now, Festivus, Chocolate Habanero Stout, and a Pumpkin Ale if you like that sort of thing. Next week the big boy comes out: Epic!

  4. They can be hit and miss with me, but more hits than misses. Still, it would be interesting to go down to try a sampler just to see what shakes out.

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