Note to self (lunchtime beer post)

I might even add a pic to this later, if I remember to download things from the camera.

I had forgotten my lunch today, and I’d heard good things about Rock Bottom’s Blitzen belgian ale, so I figured: what the heck? And off I went.

First the good: the beer was very tasty. A belgian ale to be certain, but it had a citrius bite at the end of it to keep the sweetness in check and boy did I feel like having another sip of it when that was done. Of course, it didn’t hurt that I was being forced to endure a soulful reggae song. By this I mean; some reggae song with the buttery pop slickness of modern soul. And boy, did I hate it. My hatred did not disappear when the lame country song crooned by some woman who I’m sure lost her man or her dog or her Vibro 5000 pushed it’s way through the speakers into my ears like some kind of horrific infection.

But beer: good!

Also; the Havana Melt I ate; tasty. Ham and cheese and a spicy tomato garlic topping with spicy mustard; all very good.

The bad: regge. And pretty much any music there. See paragraph three. Also; the fries were terrible. Never get the fries again, self. They are not hot and they are coated in pepper. If I want pepper on my french fries, I can add it myself.

As I paid my bill, there was a truly wrong version of Jingle Bells interpreted by a reggae band.  I was glad to leave, but seriously thought about taking the beer with me, just to rescue it from being drank by Philistines.

2 thoughts on “Note to self (lunchtime beer post)”

  1. Reggae Jingle Bells? That’s just sick.

    I do miss those big American sandwiches with the little touches like the garlic sauce, etc.

  2. I know! It was like the gods wanted to give me a sign: Flee This Place.

    We’ll get you a sandwich first thing, you visit. I’ll make you one, if I must.

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