2 out of 3 isn’t bad.

If I have a favorite thing about winter, it’s that I get to walk around outside like some kind of dark force, steeled against the cold and rain. These elemental forces mean nothing to me; I am walking to get a beer. It’s all very noir detective, yes, yes, but let me have it.

I made my way to the Horse Brass, with my girlfriend and saw that I was a day ahead of their Chimay celebration, which is probably for the best. Being tempted by very expensive and tasty beer is not the way to experience the noir-detective drinking-writer winters.  As it stands, I’ll be losing an element of the noir when the smoking ban goes into effect, however I’m hard pressed to believe that this is a bad thing.

My first selection was Alpenbrew ESB by Double Mountain. It was a drinkable beer, but not entirely memorable. The menu described it as a session beer, and truly it qualified as such; I could drink a few pints of this without knowing I’d done so. My mood asked for something else however so I moved on.

Seasonal Affected Disorder Porter by Clinton Street Brewing, was, and I hate to say this, awful. It had a chalky mouthfeel, followed by a sour tasted and finished by a burnt bitterness. I was thankful I’d moved from pints to glasses, because I couldn’t imagine drinking an entire pint of this beer, even if I was thirsty. I downed it quickly, once I’d gotten a real glimpse of the flavors, and hoped to forget.

Our  waitress came by and was surprised I’d finished my beer so quickly, exclaiming, “I guess you really liked it.” I gently explained that I really, really did not.  She went wide eyed in sympathy and surprise, as apparently the beer was selling very well. She suggested Walking Man’s Octopus brew (with 8 kinds of malts and 8 hops), which I took her up on, and found it to be a vast improvement.  Thank you helpful waitress!

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