Front Porch Chats S2 #9

Happy New Year, I say, toasting it in with an altbier from Rosenstadt. This beer’s got a lot of roast flavor, for what I was expecting. I think it practically demands salt to go with it.

(One fistful of corn nuts later)

Ah yeah, that’s how we do it. This beer falls directly into the realm of a perfect pub beer. It isn’t too strong and you really want something to nosh on while you have it. Preferably something a little mindless, so you can keep chatting with your pals.

And boy does it do a great job of washing down something salty. Good stuff.

I hope y’all had a nice New Year’s Eve. I’m spending it by going out early, having a pint, writing some shit down, and then going home to wait for this to alllllllllll blow over.

I’m doing the journaling because that’s how I stay sane; it’s been a heck of a year and staying sane is important.

I’m going early because I think this is the year that people forget that there is still a pandemic on, and decide to Live! It! Up!

Naw, dawg. This isn’t gonna go the way that you think.

And I’m waiting at home for this to allllllll blow over because it’s a safe, pleasant way to spend my time. None of my friends seem to be doing anything-or if they are, it doesn’t include me. That’s cool; people have their own rituals for this time of year and I am someone who certainly appreciates ritual.

But, there is one thing and one thing only that I’m looking for in 2023: that it’s better than 2022.

Well, make it two things: Trump for prison.

The first thing (I’ve probably said before) because it’s the only goal that matters: just trying to make myself better, my circumstances better, help the people around me more, to make this year better than last. Money. Power. These things are for children.

Enlightenment through wisdom, comedy, love. This is where the mastery lies. Gimme that.

And Trump for prison because, say it with me now; FUCK. THAT. GUY!

I want to live in a world where people are kind, can thrive under their best circumstances, where cruelty is not the point.

And I want that sweet, sweet justice of a very shit person going to prison and taking as many people with him as possible. He deserves every shitpiled thing that we can lay on him, and more.

And his cronies. And his fans. Fuck all these cruel, fascist horse assholes into the sun.

What? I said I wanted enlightenment. Not that I had it.

I think I’m going to take the first week of the year off. Catch y’all in 7 days.

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