Front Porch Chats S2 #10

On deck today: Pfriem’s Winter Ale.

Pfriem's winter ale in a glass on a table outside.

My opinion about winter ales is that they’re a weasely style, evading meaning for ‘marketing’. When I think of winter drinks, examples include hot chocolate or mulled wine or eggnog and all of those have flavor profiles that I could describe for you. They are distinct entities that aren’t going to get mixed up.

This? This is an IPA. It’s a good IPA, with a more amberish hue than I’d expect from a standard IPA. But what about this means ‘winter’ instead of just a beer that I could associate with anything? Where is the other “Winter IPA” that I could have that would provide consistency, giving me an image for the style?

It’s a weasely thing and I leave it to the reader to decide if that’s good or bad in this instance, since the beer itself IS tasty, but since we’re on the subject of weasels….

Boy, wasn’t it FUN to see Kevin McCarthy get dickstomped 14 times in a row? Our tax dollars at work, everyone: watching an alleged underage sex trafficker and a woman of weapons grade dumb hold up the dreams of a genuine asshole.

I would’ve expected a two drink minimum for that kind of show.

Truth be told, if there wasn’t actual work to be done, if people’s actual lives weren’t being impacted by this, I’d just put the “Let them fight” gif up and call it a day. Fuck it, right? They’re bad people doing bad people shit to teach other. Why should we stop ‘em?

But. The Speaker of the House is third in line for the Presidency, and holds actual power. The zealot wing of the GOP (which, if you couldn’t tell the difference between them and any other member of the GOP, I couldn’t fault you) has their hooks in him, now. And it’s fortunate that any semblance of sanity will prevail in the Senate and the Presidency, because otherwise holy cow would we be fucked.

Moreso than we are. We give these people real power. Think about that, when you think about the next clownfire show that comes down the pike.

We give them power and they do….this with it? Who benefits?

Just something to think about, because I think we deserve better.

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