Front Porch Chats #14\Second Pint Mass Defense

Brewery 26 Crispy Clean IPA“The poor will always be with you” Matthew 26:11.

My dad occasionally reminds me Jesus said this, and like dad, I am reminding you that only one of Breonna Taylor’s killers have been arrested at this point. It only took over 100 days.

On a week where people are crying about the death of Elijah McClain.

There is always another person who is made to suffer, so long as there are unjust things.

The poor will always be with us.

Because we know that poverty is largely the result of policy, not actual scarcity, it strikes me that injustice is something that we’ve always had to manage. The stories and essays verify this; going back millennia, issues around poverty and injustice have been among us.

What that means is that we have to be vigilant, and consistent about the pursuit of justice. Because for those who have enough power, they can pay someone else to champion their unjust ways-and money doesn’t sleep.

We have to rely on each other, and we have to do it almost every day. But there is work too do, and we have to commit to doing it, not just on days like Juneteenth, or Christmas, but on Wednesdays, too.

It seems like that work wouldn’t allow for breaks but it actually does; those breaks are important reminders of why it’s worth it! Because people deserve a society where they are able to sit and have a beer on their porch. Or dance. Or just exist. Without being shot.

Which brings me to Brewery 26’s Crispy Clean IPA. It has a tropical, mango scent, but the rest of the beer doesn’t quite line up with that nose. It isn’t sweet, and the bitterness on the finish doesn’t seem to have enough oomph to it.

I’m uncertain about this beer; it doesn’t seem bad but it’s not something I’m willing to recommend. If my dad was here, I’m not sure he’d be fond of it, even while reminding me that the poor will always be with us.

Today’s second pint goes to the Mass Defense program at NLG.

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