The Six #5: Gigantic

48631906743_600dd8ca6c_cI was torn between the IPA and the Sassy Pony pale ale. But I went with the IPA because, oddly enough, it was a more balanced beer! Nothing wrong with the Sassy Pony; I think it’s delicious, but if I’m going to tell someone to come to Gigantic Brewing (and I clearly am) then the IPA is a fantastic representation of their work.

The nose isn’t too strong. Citrus, but not pungent. The malts are present but not cloying. It’s a really solid beer that is wonderfully representative of what a good IPA should be.

So why are you here?

You’re here because GIgantic hit the ground running with their beer, founded by two brewers with a ton of experience both in brewing and Portland life. Which meant that they were able to take some unique risks-and in this case, it’s wasn’t about the beer.

I’ll always remember Gigantic as being one of, if not the first brewery in Portland to make a serious push to have a visual brand that was unique. Employing local artists to make new labels for their beer, the art popped out to catch the eye before  it would catch anyone’s tongue. It was a moment that other breweries would follow, recognizing that the packaging of a beer couldn’t be ignored.

So while you’re here, take it in: they’ve got framed artwork of many labels used throughout the years and it’s worth looking at! The visual representation that Gigantic decided on helped their beer stand out, even as the labels themselves had wildly different looks.

It wasn’t long after that when I noticed that other breweries starting to do visual rebrands of their own. None of them were as daring as Gigantic was, but the idea that packaging really mattered? That is something that they helped bring to the fore, along with a beer to back up that cool art.

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