Round Two #19\Second Pint

This time I get to so something fun! I’m at Migration, and they have their Old Silenus ale on both nitro and regular CO2. So I’ll get to compare the same beer but with different effects!

Migration Old Silenus on nitroThe first glass is on nitro; as with most nitro beers, I don’t get much in the way of a nose but the visual of a lovely caramel color and thick head is hard to beat.

This is a very smooth, malty beer. After a few sips, a hop bitterness slides in but it also lingers on my palate for awhile. This isn’t a flaw per se, but it does mean that for me, this beer starts to wear out its welcome a little faster than maybe it should.

Nonetheless, I like this ale and it’s very, very easy to drink. It feels a little weird to not have that effervescent pop on the end but it’s still pretty tasty.

The second glass is on standard CO2, and I’m really excited to try it. The opportunity to have the same beer served differently is unusual and something that people always talk about over beers. “But what if this was on nitro/regular?” comes up all the time and now I can actually compare!

The malt quality stands out in the nose, and the finish is sparkly. But it’s also a little sharper, with the hops having more of a presence than the nitro version. The sweet qualities don’t dominate as much so the bitterness stands out more.

What’s fascinating is that the nitro version is easier to drink, but I believe the CO2 version is more balanced.

Today’s second pint goes to the Portland Rescue Mission.

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