The Spoiled

This observation from Jeff Alworth is an interesting take on a problem I find myself dealing with in Portland fairly often.

I have a lot of options, when it comes to potables. Even dive bars now carry some form of craft beer in Portland, most likely made by a brewery in Oregon.

I can get anything and often find myself stuck for a few minutes at the store, staring at my options.

Truth be told, I think options are great. People who don’t like American light lagers should have the choice to get something that aren’t light lagers- or, hell, even purchase light lagers that aren’t made by ABInBev!

The price of that is that it’s going to be challenging for businesses to find customers, something I really hadn’t considered before Jeff brought it up. How will Deschutes or Gigantic or Hopworks have a thriving business if they cannot find customers? Do they all need new customers to stay in business?

I don’t have answers to this but I recognize it’s something I hadn’t considered before and that makes it worth thinking about.

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