Whatever You Say 7/Second Pint Sum Of Us

The fellow I talk to has a very fuzzy puppy named Teddy with him, who he’s trying to teach to not jump on people. I ask if I can pet Teddy-I can-and like all puppies, he’s super friendly…and eventually jumps up and nips me on the chin. It doesn’t hurt but clearly I’m getting this pup too excited to pay attention to his instructions.

Hm. First two posts of the year and one has free beer coming with it, the other has a dog. As a start, this feels pretty good.

39682836242_9ab02d4fe9_kTeddy’s owner got Ecliptic’s Phaser Hazy IPA, so so did I. The thing about this IPA is that haze is an apt descriptor at large. Nothing about this ale is sharp: the nose is grapefruit, but more floral than pith, the overwhelming flavor is similar; grapefruit but sweetly so, instead of intensely bitter. It even lands gently on my tongue, which is impressive. The finish has a smidge of bitterness to help give the beer some balance but really, this is a nice, drinkable beer that doesn’t have anything to prove to anyone.

It’s a quiet afternoon at the Proper Pint; I’m here early though, and of the eight people here, (and one dog) three are on devices looking to the outside world, one couple is conversing, another is at the rail and talking to the bartender, and then there’s me.

Turns out, the bartender designed and built the chairs at the bar and, he informs the couple on the rail, he put the crossbar below the footrest beam at the bar, so people would put their feet there and scoot in, keeping a path clear.

That doesn’t quite work for me-my height allows me to put my toes on the chair’s crossbar and that’s a bit more comfortable than the alternative, because my knees angle up if I put them on the footrest. At least, it’s more comfortable until putting my toes on the chair cuts the blood off to my feet. Still, it’s a clever bit of design. I can appreciate it, even if it doesn’t work for me.

Today’s second pint goes to the Sum of Us, specifically for their campaign to protect Michigan’s water.

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