A Common Requiem 5/Second Pint PP

26194582319_9cfca29e98_zThis week, I picked up the Nocino Zeven and this beer is really weird. Hint of burnt sugar on the nose, but the flavor is dominated by the nocino. It’s overly nutty with extra sugar and not very pleasant. Someone is going to love this beer but it isn’t me. The problem I’m having is that the great nose I get doesn’t show up in the body. Some friends tried the Nocino Zeven and one of them thought it was great so, again: someone loves this beer.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the tale of the conversion of Paul the Apostle, these days, in the wake of reading so many people fawning over the statements made by Sen. Flake and Sen. Corker.

For readers who don’t know (and to be quite brief): in the days of early Christendom, there was a man named Saul who persecuted those early Christians. Then one day, on the road to Damascus, God spoke to Saul and BAM! Saul’s heart changed, he became a Christian and changed his name to Paul. He proceeded to go out into the world to work at proclaiming the word of God and being a better person.

Paul didn’t just talk a good game. He walked the talk.

What I get from Flake and Corker is that they are unhappy that the blood from the slaughterhouse is getting on their shoes. Wouldn’t it be just so much better if the blood could flow away from them, instead?

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe those men will have or have had revelatory moments where they realize they are supporting policies and ideas tied to brutalizing the poor and the weak. Perhaps they will change; all change has to start somewhere. I think they should definitely be given enough rope.

But rope is all they should be given. They talked a good game but they, unlike me, are in a position to actually make change and they are quitting. Off to go cash paychecks as a lobbyist, odds are. And until then? Dollars to donuts they are going to vote their party’s line.

Well, we don’t talk about Saul the Persecuter, do we?

Today’s second pint goes to Planned Parenthood.


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