Common Ales: Pyramid 1977 Lager

31712396156_b307df47e2_cBecause I live in Portland and not enough time has passed for the Timbers’ soccer championship to become a nostalgic memory, (I can’t wait until we look back on 2015 with rose colored glasses-though I doubt it will take long…) the Trailblazer’s basketball championship is something that…just kind exists in the air around here. All the time. And so we have: Pyramid’s 1977 lager, celebrating the time when the Portland Trail Blazers did good.

Thing is, this is precisely the kind of beer that non-craft beer people would purchase. Which means it’s exactly the kind of beer I want to review and talk about.

It smells like beer used to smell in the 70’s, alright: sour and skunky and not just a little off putting. But the beer itself is sweet and has a reasonable weight on my tongue. It finishes pretty clean and would probably serve well as a compliment to any hot dog, whiskey, or summer day. I don’t know that I’d drink a lot of it but I’d eagerly drink one if offered to me.

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