52 Weeks (sorta) #54: Pelican Full House Imperial Brown

Reconstructed with notes taken from the Outboard Brain:

Sadly I have forgotten my camera. I always do that when showing friends the town.

But when friends do come to town and tell me; I want to get some of the beer you’ve been drinking and I only have one night, I bring them to Bailey’s. I don’t want to try and wrap them into my current theme so I go back to the original…and here we are.

It’s a strangely warm November night; sure it’s dark and the rain has made things seem a bit gloomy but the air is balmy. At least for November. I take a crack at the Pelican ale-something I’ve been wanting for awhile but just haven’t had the time to try. It’s good and strong and really smooth. Not a session ale obviously-8% is pretty high for a brown- but with the semi-sweet chocolate nose and a nutty finish I just dig it.

The others choose stouts and more mild ales-perfectly understandable of course but I’m not turning away a chance to catch up on all the beers I missed at the Killer Beer Fest. We catch up and celebrate the Giants winning the Series (even though I don’t care about baseball, my Grandpa would be happy.)

It’s a pretty good evening, despite my lack of photos or real notes.

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