A Sunday

I ran out of drinkable homebrew in Saturday. It was going to be a couple more days before the next batch was ready so it was off to Beermongers for some beer to enjoy my Sunday with.

pelicanWe begin with Pelican’s MacPelican scottish ale. A bit thin in the mouth, the caramel flavors are very nice and there’s a nuttiness that saunters by at the very end. Β There’s also a thread of metallic-ness when it’s all drank. You might miss it if you weren’t looking for it. I think I’d prefer Wee Heavies. Pelican makes good beer but I’m just not sure this style is for me.

Next was Hopwork’s Abominable Winter Ale, which I wanted to try because of the good words I read at The New School. This is a hoppy monster of a beer too; even when the head of the beer is gone, spicy and floral notes are still notable. There is just enough malt in there to keep things from going off the rails and I can definitely tell that this is the brewery behind the Gigabyte IPA. A very drinkable beer, even though there’s a lot of flavors going on. Makes me wish I had another to analyze it further.

For lunch was Goose Island’s Demolition a belgian golden ale, cut by a tasty italian sub and while it’s nose has the sweet elements common to belgians, the beer is clean and lacking the sweetness that some belgians have which might spoil a find sandwich. There’s a whisper of banana like sweetness in the middle that helps keep this beer drinkable. Another beer I wouldn’t mind having some more of; drinking this without food might reveal more about it.

bad henry ipaFinally, I split a bomber of Fire Mountain Brew House’s Bad Henry IPA. There’s a nice balance to this IPA because there’s a strong malt quality that ties the ends of bitterness together but the bitter qualities aren’t very intense either. There isn’t a strong head on this beer, so the qualities of the Cascade and Fuggle hops don’t make themselves too apparent. The malts are very strong though, giving the Bad Henry a slick quality that would probably go very well with some spicy chicken wings.

Sure, you could say I spent my Sunday drinking beer and watching football…

And you’d be right.

5 thoughts on “A Sunday”

  1. Now THAT’S a Sunday! πŸ™‚

    I love Scottish Ales and personally find them along with many other English Styles some of the most underrated styles around.

    As for the fact that you CAN get Goose Island…I’m envious! Darn you! πŸ˜‰ hehe

    I’m down here in Texas and thanks to our “wonderful” laws I can’t get a hold of any. Bummer, I’ll have to wait for my trip up there.


    1. Bummer. I had a few good brews when I was in Austin so I know there is such a thing as good beer in Texas but…Portland > everywhere else, really when it comes to this.

      Still; you come up let me know and I’ll recommend a few pubs to hit.

  2. @grotusque

    We have LOTS of great beer here in Texas, BUT we’re rather limited with what we can get here because of state distribution laws. That’s what mainly limits us. Otherwise we have plenty of amazing beer across the country that never reaches us here because of that. 😦

    I lived in Seattle for two years and spent some time in Portland. I’ll hit you up for sure when there, and Portland is one of the few cities where I see such incredible beer, food and wine obsession πŸ™‚

    P.S. Let me know when you’re in Austin next time!


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