Yes, I’m teasing

But it was too good to resist. On my birthday, I get to splurge. Not much mind you as I am still unemployed, but I certainly don’t feel bad about spending (or asking for) a 11.2oz beer that costs $11.50. Especially when it comes so highly recommended. This Paradox comes from Brew Dog’s Speyside batch, and it’s very different from the bourbon barrel stouts that I see in the states. 

The bummer? I’m not exactly sure how. I don’t get much peat flavor but there is definitely something that is offsetting the rich dark malty flavors of coffee and chocolate. It probably is peat, and I’m just not well versed enough in flavor profiles to identify the manifestation of those flavors. Where the sweetness of bourbon tends to compliment coffee and chocolate, scotch seems to stand apart, as though I’m drinking two different liquids. 

It’s a damn good beer, and I only wish I had more of it so I could pin down the little details that make it so interesting.

6 thoughts on “Yes, I’m teasing”

  1. I really love all of the BrewDog Paradox beers, they are much more delicate than the US style barrel aged beers but there is so much complexity to them. Great beers, expensive but I think the brewery are working on that so they should be getting cheaper in the US soon!

    The Managing Director is over there now and they will be doing a collaboration with Stone and Cambridge!

  2. Really? That’s very interesting news.

    I would love to see what that collaboration brings, as well as a cheaper Paradox. It’s a very interesting beer, but when I can get 22oz of Hardcore for $11.99, it’s hard to justify. Especially since there are so many good beers in Portland (and around) to drink. It becomes more of an indulgence than I’d like it to be.

  3. Definitely true but then for me to drink US beers it is expensive. It cost me £12 for a 22oz AleSmith IPA!! and just a little bit less than that for a few of the beers from Port Brewing. That’s the unfortunate cost of buying good imports!

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