I don’t get it

Maybe the women out there can explain this story to me. I’ll agree that women are foolishly ignored when it comes to marketing beer, but is it really the color and the head that turns women away? Would it really be the addition of fruit or tea flavors that would increase the attractiveness of beer to women? 

Because as someone who likes beer (and food) all I really need is for someone to say: Give this a shot. 

Hell, at the last 52 Weeks post, I had a nice conversation with a woman who had come up to the bar wondering what she ought to order, and asked me what I was drinking. I treated her like anyone else who wanted a beer, and she bought what was in my glass! (Well, not literally, but you get the idea.)

6 thoughts on “I don’t get it”

  1. I think we all remember what happened the LAST time someone tried this. *cough*ZIMA*cough*

    No clue what the deal is. Maybe so women can pretend they’re being virtuous and drinking water? Call me confused.

  2. Was Zima just transparent beer?

    Jesus. Of course, it’s made by Coors so the quality is going to be questionable no matter what.

  3. Basically, clear = calorie-free. Whereas regular beer looks like piss that will make you put on weight. And what man hasn’t drunk piss?


  4. I rant about this in detail in my latest post. Seriously, check out the website and it will do your head in.

  5. You’re right, that website is just pandering on so many levels. Your response to it was well thought out.

    I shudder to think it might succeed.

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