Summer Series #3

Y’all, I don’t even know what to tell you.

Block 15's Sticky Hands-Crosby Cut edition, in glass on table outside in the evening

Multnomah County is under an excessive heat warning AND an air quality warning. Going outside is ill advised and drinking outside probably less so. I can smell a tinge of smoke in the air, reports say it’s coming from both the fires in Alaska and the fires in California.

Fuckin’ a, right?

So I’m back to the porch this week, lucky to have a beer in the fridge worth talking about.

It’s the Sticky Hands Crosby Cut from Block 15; their IPA made with salmon safe malts and hops specifically curated from the Crosby hop farms.

It is 8:15 PM at the hind end of July and I am sweating like a member of the Trump cabinet in front of Congress.

Climate change is real, folks.

This beer is pretty damn good though. At least for me, it’s working the IPA qualities I like best: a pine-tilted nose, with a dank bitterness. It’s intense, as Sticky Hands tends to be. By this I mean that people who aren’t fond of IPAs probably won’t be converted.

But anyone a little fond of the style will almost certainly find something to enjoy here.

There’s still something neighborly about being on the porch, even now. It’s just cool enough that people can take their dog for a walk, or just get out of the house for a stroll. I’ve seen a few walking by as I write, staying on the west side of the street where more shade has fallen in the past 4 hours.

I’m going back inside. There may not be AC (it is Portland, after all) but it’s not out in the fading sun, either. They say the heat is supposed to break by Tuesday, and we’ll be back out then.


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