Front Porch Chats #115

Sometimes, I just go with reliable breweries because they are reliable.

Such is the case with Fremont’s Golden Pilsner, which as you can see is a lovely straw colored lager that has a nose that almost but not quire harkens to my favorite quality Helles styles, sourdough.

There is a grainy flavor both in the middle (a little sweeter) and after the finish (a bit grainier) which is easy to miss because of the bubbly run over the tongue.

It’s pretty damn good.

Another thing that I thought was good was Adam Conover’s “The G Word” on Netflix. It’s a series that has the host going into various functions of our government, and looking at what works and what doesn’t work in them-from food that we eat, to how we guide the future, to governance itself.

It’s an illuminating look into what we use government for and how it fails us.

But not just how it fails us. About the critical roles government plays in our lives, the good that is done because of it, many of these things lifesaving or life changing, and what happens when people who don’t care about those things working, get in positions to have government stop working.

It concludes as you might think, with the host telling the viewer that this government is worth fighting for.

But he doesn’t stop there; Adam then goes to Philadelphia and talks to people who are changing government at a place where they can: locally. Specifically, talking to a group of activists who recently helped a very progressive DA win office.

It was then that I realized that I have been paying more attention to local politics than ever-I can easily name 4 of the 5 people on the Portland City Council, I have been steadily reading (and contributing to) the local weekly magazines, the Mercury and Willamette Week.

I actually know that Portland also elected a more progressive DA. Mike Schmidt. His job has been hampered by a PPB who…sucks ass and then asks questions like “why does nobody like us”? By a recent legalization law that passed in Oregon without having treatment centers funded and running. And by the Great White Grift-the noise machine that insists that Portland is a godforsaken hellhole because “liberals”.

I care about my local political scene, I talk to people about it, and I vote in it.

I’m starting to wonder if I can do more-not running for office. I am not cut out for that. But something else. Maybe there’s something local you can participate in, too. I wonder if the coalition of people I knew who kept a punk scene going in Spokane for over a decade could oust the current mayor, for example.

Because we deserve better.


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