S’mores Stout

Why bury the lead? Take a look at this:

Pretty crazy, right? This is the Base Camp S’mores Stout, which is really  just their regular stout with a toasted marshmallow put on the side.

It may be a gimmick but it’s a gimmick that works. The toasted marshmallow really does change the experience you have with this ale. The caramel elements trick you a little bit, because they don’t show up on the tongue, yet the brain is telling you that you’re smelling something carmely!

It’s a fascinating exercise in how much influence our nose can have over what we taste.

Of course, this beer wouldn’t work if the stout wasn’t good and I’m pleased to tell you it is. I also liked the layout at Base Camp’s serving area. Spacious and reasonably well lit, with a long, broad bar that allowed for pizzas or a comfortable spot to rest your arms while you read. There were lots of styles to try so I’m looking forward to returning to see how well the other beers hold up.

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