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52 Weeks 14: Hale’s Cerberus Triple

I’m a sucker for anything with a mythological name involved. Fortunately for me, in the world of beer this kind of dependency is rewarded: Ninkasi, Elysium, and now the Cerberus tripel. There’s a chewiness to this beer, especially on the backwash. It lingers, an almost syrupy bitterness to wage a battle on the tongue against the Belgian sweetness of the style. 

I enjoy this beer, but it’s got a slickness to it and an alcohol warmth that shows up in my belly and warns me; only drink one of these.

So I’ll  probably be moving on to the next beer after this. It just feels wise. 

It’s President’s Day, but this seems only to matter to bankers and lawyers. I’m not sure that this holiday is helping endear them to the rest of the nation, these days. Everyone else I know worked, so maybe it’s a more accurate reflection than we’d like to admit? 

Food for thought, I guess. I claim no special knowledge when it comes to America; I just live here and try and see the country for what it is, and what I hope it can be.  There are days when I am awestruck by the utter support for what is possible here, and days when I am shamed by our willingness to discard that which we do not understand. 

Hm. I’m getting the feeling that I ought to stop here. I’ll start saying things without actually saying anything, because I don’t want to shove my political or social views on anyone, or I’ll just turn into a hardass about what I do say. I mean yes, this is my blog and I can say what I like but I would like to stay on topic. It’s the principle of the thing.

That said; these posts don’t have topics per se, so maybe I ought to loosen up?

How to burn an evening

First, start with the 9.2% Oatmeal Chocolate Stout from Stone brewing.

This beer was…OK. The oatmeal seemed to smooth it out and keep it from getting too bitter, but other flavors didn’t come through very strongly either. All in all, it was alright, but I have yet to be convinced by a Stone brewing beer. I don’t know why, but they just seem to be OK, instead of awesome, and they charge for awesome.

What was a great surprise, however, was Anderson Valley’s Brother David’s Triple. This beer had some carmely notes, but wasn’t nearly as sweet as most Belgain beers I have of this style. On top of that, there was an oh so gentle sour finish. It took me a few sips to even notice that it didn’t finish sweetly, but the beer felt so balanced that I have to admire the skill it took to pull this off.

Oh, and it was 10%, so at this point it was either advisable to start drinking more, or not at all. I chose the better part of valor and stopped drinking, but it made for a long bus ride home. It’s really really good though, so I might have to go back and have another glass today. Just saying.