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The Best*: Rosenstadt and Unicorn Brewing

Rosenstadt's Fest beer, in mug on table

There is no IPA at Rosenstadt so I’m free to choose whatever! This makes sense, since they focus on the maltier German styles. I immediately go for the fest beer because that’s a favorite of mine.

It’s….good. The finish is a little sharp on the bitterness and the mouthfeel seems a touch thin. It’s a bit off balance, it seems. I don’t hate it, I’m just trying to give up my expectations for the reality of the beer.

My friend gets the Helles lager, and I can’t say I’m jealous but I’m wondering if that isn’t a better deal. However, when I try the Helles, that beer tastes sweeter than I’m expecting, a quality that isn’t assisted by a finish that isn’t very crisp.

My second pour is the Vienna Lager and this is where it’s at: a light, malt forward beer that is far more sippable than the previous offerings. More of this, please.

Unicorn brewing Unicorn Dreams IPA in glass on a desk

The Unicorn Clouds IPA from Unicorn Brewing is…ok. I think my beer is suffering from being canned. I’m not knocking Unicorn Brewing, because I recently had their beer off the tap and it was very good!

But the process of putting this into the can and fridging it for a few days has blunted the flavors of this west coast IPA on all fronts. The nose isn’t notable and the notes of pine are ghosts, with more of a malt presence.

Unfortuately, my friend having the Scottish ale is having a similar experience; the beer isn’t very carbonated and leans into the sweeter side. There’s a diacetyl quality too and that is no bueno.  

The Rum Brown is more promising: chocolate with a little coffee in the nose. The beer has a bit of rum qualities and some chocolate-and this is  the most promising beer of the bunch!

I am kind hating reviewing this because my experience off the tap was so good, but: what I’m having is what I’m having. Recommending this beer for not-to go might be the thing.

The Best*

On the same day, these two lists crossed my path.

The Best Breweries in Portland

Portland’s Best Underrated Breweries

*I’m not going to debate which are the best because these things are really subjective. It seems silly. Plus, I know that the right beer on the wrong day can still suck.

What I can do is travel to these places and try their beer and tell you what I think. I can even bring a friend-because we’ve all had our vaccination shots.

In every case, where I can sit outside, I will, and where I can’t I’ll probably look to get my beer to go. The idea will be to have one IPA and one dealer’s choice ale.

An IPA because they are everywhere, and that means I don’t have to fuss with ‘which beer should I try’ but also, it gives me a baseline to judge all the other breweries against.

Then with a beer I get to pick, I can go for something that might be relevant to the brewery-for example, nobody going to Cascade is looking to have an IPA. Cascade specifically specializes in sour ales and if I didn’t have one, that really wouldn’t be fair.

Plus, it might make for a fun series in a time when…things have not been exactly fun.

So let’s go!