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Credit Where Due (Part X)

I frequently like to point to what the macro breweries are doing and say: Don’t DO that stuff!

However, I’ve also noted that there are some problems that macro breweries are uniquely suited to handle, because they can just throw a ton of resources at a problem smaller breweries just don’t have.

This story on AB InBev’s sustainability models is one of them.

Everything Relates

As we move further into a techo-centric life, Big Data is having a greater impact of everything…including drinking habits.

Here’s what I want to emphasize: when I talk about things like corporate takeovers, or racism, or other social issues on what is supposed to be a beer and homebrewing blog, I’m doing it because it all ties together. We do not drink beer or otherwise move across the time and space of Earth in a vacuum. (The Earth itself is another story).

I feel we should do our best to understand some of those very complicated forces that impact our lives, doing our best to choose the wisest path we can. Knowledge about what Big Data accrues from our habits is important, because I know that they will use that knowledge to manipulate people and only an informed citizen can truly make choices.


Me vs Technology

I hate to say it, but technology is probably winning. 

This post was meant to go up yesterday. What happened? My internet went down and I’ve had enough troubles with it that I just couldn’t generate the energy to fix it. Easy enough to deal with once I’d slept for eight hours, but by then it’s Thursday.

Plus, I’ve discovered that my camera wasn’t broken, as I’d previously thought. The battery just went dead. I stumbled upon this fact when I was clearing some wires behind the computer, and found out that the charging stand for my camera wasn’t plugged in. Considering the electrical cord going from the stand to the outlet can separate into two parts, my overlooking the disconnect is understandable. Still, it’s like wondering why your frigging car won’t start only to have someone come up to you and tell you ‘there’s no gas in it’.

The bad news: I look a bit foolish. The good news: this blog will soon have more photos again! 

In beer related news, I’ve been drinking a Chiswick mild clone I made earlier this year. I first made this beer last year, on National Homebrewer’s Day. The suggestion was that we would brew the Chiswick mild because it was Michael Jackson’s favorite brew. MJ the beer writer, not the pop star. 

And the beer came out really well! So well that I thought I should do it again. With summer coming, I thought that now would be the time, as this beer is really good during the hot weather. Portland hasn’t given me a lot of reason to drink it, but the beer is still tasty. I’m proud to say  that once again my Chiswick mild has come out to be a very tasty brew. Recipe follows:

Steeping malts:
.35 lb Caramel 120
 .25 lb ESB Domestic

Other malts:
6 lb Pale liquid malt extract

.6 oz  Sorachi Ace @ 60
.5 oz Mt Rainer @ 15
.5 oz Sterling @15
3/4 tsp Irish Moss @5

Secondary hops:
.75 oz Sterling

I transferred this beer to secondary after eight days, and bottled it twenty five days later. The OG was 1.048, the FG was 1.108. This gave me a beer that was 3.87 ABV according to the beer calculator.