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7pm: Sonic speed

hayfork pale

Man, so much has been keeping me from my appointed rounds, lately. Work, then alternate work and finally I get word from someone: We’re playing Magic at the Tugboat.

So away I go. I love Bailey’s but it can be hard to play cards there due to table space.

However, I love Bailey’s because every time I order a beer there it tastes like the beer I’m supposed to get, instead of like something run through dirty lines giving me swampmouth. That there is supposed to be a pale (the Hayfork, specifically) and I’m still scraping the nasty out of the labyrinth of my mouth with my tongue.

Still, they do seem to have a ‘Cheers’ like tradition for Mondays, where the bar cheers when someone comes in and boos when they leave. So it’s fun for that.

But man, I am a tired duck. I have been working and celebrating birthdays and driving and planning to move. Who has time to blog or beer at that point? I have no idea what I’m going to write about this week which is alright since the people have to come first or else it’s not about the beer anymore. I suspect there will be long examinations of the final batches I have brewed in this location, as there is the potential for good or for awesome there.

And I’m still finding time to play two and a half hour games of Magic. So really, what’s to complain about? It’s a good life, as they say, if you don’t weaken.

Except for that Hayfork pale. That shit’s nasty.