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Singletons 2

This one was made with Magnum hops and Special Roast malt.

magnum and special roast singletonIt also came out much better. Now, this may speak in part to the versatility of Magnum hops. There’s a good, floral nose with a hint of clove in front and a lingering but not overwhelming bitterness at the end. The beer is much lighter than my previous Singleton visually but there’s enough malt in there to provide a steadying sweetness in the middle. And, this beer seems to have come out much cleaner. I’m not sure why that is but it seems like less yeast at the bottom of bottles is making its way into the glass.

The flavor isn’t really affected but from a visual standpoint, it’s pretty cool.

Another interesting thing was that my gravities were pretty low; the OG was 1.058, which is lower than any other beer I’ve done that wasn’t a mild, the FG was 1.015. This put the beer at about 5.6% ABV, which again, is a bit lower-maybe as much as .5 less-than many of the other beers I’ve made.

I’m not exactly sure why this one turned out so much better but there’s still one more to go, so we’ll see if I can make it two out of three.