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The Rise of Session Ales?

Dad sent this article about the increase in session ales in the marketplace.

I think this is a great thing for multiple reasons. First, there’s a suggestion that you could take almost any non-imperial style and make it a session ale. Variety is always good and being able to choose non-lager styles can only help everyone.

Second, session ales by their nature have to be pretty balanced. Palate wrecking beers can’t be drunk over an extended period if you want to taste other things because of this.  Part of the rise in craft brewing is the emphasis on flavor and so many beers I drink these days neglect balance in favor of shoving one particular flavor down your throat. More beers with balance is a good thing, hell more drinkable beers at large is a good thing. (Nothing wrong with a palate wrecker, of course, but we already have plenty of those).

Third, this may promote some styles that already exist but I wish I saw more of, like brown ales. Those are often neglected because they aren’t high octane fuels. Again; an increase in variety is something I can’t help but see as a positive but also quality should increase too, as better and better breweries take a swing at these styles.

Finally, some days are just lazy, beer drinkin’ days. Why cut them short if you don’t have to? Just keep sipping on your drink and enjoy your day.