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There are brewers in Colorado who are, to put it understandably but not quite correctly, using ‘hop oil’ (terpenes) to replace the use of traditional hops in beer.

It’s a fascinating look at the potential level of flavor control that these new technology might bring to beer.

Small Upgrades

I especially like this story because it takes place in a small town, with arguably small stakes. And yes, it inevitably comes to the money that is saved but I don’t care. Anything that gets people to care about and do things that help make life more sustainable for humans is a win, as far as I can tell.

Water: Still Important

There are a great many things to find disturbing in this timeline. Maybe you don’t care about a lot of them, but if you’re reading this blog, water should definitely be one of them.

So, this story is as good a reason to get involved with opposing the disturbances of this timeline as any.

And before people try to point out that “breweries have their own water filtration systems” or anything along those lines, all I can say is: don’t focus on the tree in order to willfully ignore the forest.