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Ancient Collaboration

I always love the stories about scientists and breweries doing something together. The research this scientist gets to do just makes me happy-that people are doing it and people are interested in it.


Some Lite Beer History

When asked by people who are neophytes to craft brewing, I always tell them that one of, if not the most difficult style of beer to brew is a light lager. Simply because; you cannot mess it up. If that beer is flawed in any way, everyone will know it.

This article goes into some cool history and science on the subject.

Staying On The Edge

A friend sent me this really cool article about a woman who, after getting her masters degree in chemistry found a career in brewing at 21st Amendment. One of the benefits she touts about being in her profession is that she can use her knowledge to keep 21st Amendment ahead of the curve on quality.

I love this stuff, because it let’s me get a glimpse behind the curtain to see how things I love are made.

Wari Beer

This is an article on brewing an ancient style of beer.

Worth reading just for the sentence:

Inside the mass spectrometer, the sample is heated to about 9,000⁰C, which is hot enough to break down the bonds that hold molecules together. This leaves charged atoms, which get sorted by mass.

I didn’t even know that was possible. I love this.