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Here’s a neat story about how they’re using CRISPR gene editing to manipulate yeast for beer. I’ve seen the yeasts available but have been reluctant to try them as I’m not sure I want the level of fruitiness they offer in beers I make.

But still, pretty cool!

Where Yeast Comes From (Sorta)

Here’s a really neat post, talking about how they’re using gene sequencing to find out where yeasts that make beer originated geographically.

Using ale yeast makes sense-beer is a centuries old food, and humans would have an interest in utilizing it, much in the same way that we kept avocados around. So being able to trace it can help fill in bits and pieces of our ancient history-which I think is cool.

Past Becomes Present

I have been hoping something like this would happen. I’ve been posting stories for years about beer or wine that’s been salvaged from shipwrecks, and about scientists looking at those beverages.

Taking data from those drinks can illuminate how human beings have impacted our environment.

BUT. There’s this Very Cool Thing where we get to play with yeasts from decades ago, and see how those yeasts impacted the food and drink of the day, and I’m psyched to try them.