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A very short SB&WF review

I volunteered at the Spring Beer & Wine Fest for the Oregon Brew Crew on Friday night. The event seemed a little less active than in previous years and I wasn’t sure why. Other volunteers suggested that it was because we were having our first truly nice day in four months and I suppose that’s as good a reason as any.

But I wasn’t going to let something like the sun get in the way of free beer tastings. So with my tokens for volunteering, I went around and checked out a few breweries I’d never heard of before.

Goodlife Brewing had an interesting beer in their 29’er India Brown Ale. I didn’t dig on the combo because I got more pine notes than I would’ve liked but I think it could be done.

Harvester Brewing had an amazing dark ale that had roasted chestnuts in it. Whatever they’re doing next, I want to try.

Mt. Tabor Brewing had a cascadian dark ale that everyone else loved but I hated. It was everything I don’t like in a CDA: hops with a acrid coffee flavor at the end.

Flyer’s Brewery had a Peacemaker Porter I liked.

Long Brewing did a kolsh that I thought was solid.

And that’s that.