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Seattle Early 2017 visit 2

31937202003_ab88f25811_cI have to admit, one of the big advantages of being in Seattle for nearly a week with only one responsibility was that I was able to space out my tastings over many days. Plus, try more stuff! So let’s finish this out, starting with…

Triplehorn Brewing, Falcon Cloak blonde ale: nice malty nose-reminds me of the Munich base malt and the beer itself is an easy drinking, sweet beer with not too much pop on the finish. Give me all the nachos and this. Or just this.

Skookum Brewery, Murder of Crows Imperial stout. This has been aged in seasoned oak and it tastes WOODY. There is also a sliver of a dry finish, which I wasn’t expecting at all. But I think I like it. The wood presence is there but there isn’t an alcohol note overwhelming the stout flavors.

Dagger Falls, Sockeye IPA: this is really malty for an IPA. While it it does have a peasant grapefruit thread on the side, the malt is dominant in the nose and mouth, until the very end, when a creeping bitterness appears. It’s almost surprising. I’m not sure if this beer has decided what it wants to be when it grows up. I don’t dislike it but I’m also not sure how to categorize it. Still, I’d drink another, and try more stuff from them.

Gig Harbor, Round Rock IPA-nasty vegetal finish. So, no.

Wander brewing, Shoe Toss rye IPA. I like this beer! There’s a sweetness in the middle that really helps ground the beer, while the hop bitterness and the spice quality of the rye malt smartly spar on the finish. I wasn’t expecting much but I’m delightfully surprised.

32627534211_112cffc27f_cOle Swede, Blueberry Cider. This has a tart blueberry nose with the cider sweetness in the mouth, an elbow nudge of tartness along the way, with a very, very dry finish. I am finding this enjoyable, with the tartness somehow complimenting the dryness at the end. I would recommend this cider, with the caveat that I don’t know a lot about the cider.

Hilliard’s Boombox IPA: my first sip finished buttery. Further sips had the bitterness step in but the butter flavor didn’t abate. This is a super nope.

Drinking With Men (review)

Dad turned me on to Rosie Schaap’s book, Drinking With Men and after a bit of dawdling, I finally got around to reading it.

I think I’d like to drink with Ms. Schaap. She seems cool.

That said, the book seems to split it’s time between her personal experience and the bars she has inhabited throughout the years and it suffers a little bit for that. When she’s able to speak about her experience in full, it’s very captivating but in many of the middle chapters, I got the sense that there was something not being discussed and it felt a little off as a result of that.

I understand why this might be the case: not every experience in life is worth exposing to an audience. Certainly, some events may not always relate to the top and I appreciate Schaap’s desire to keep private things private, or focus onĀ  her topic, depending on how you want to think about it. Unfortunately, the emotional resonance that is needed to make the place she’s talking about compelling becomes more like an echo than a voice and occasionally I felt like: I guess I had to be there. This comes on especially strong in one of the last chapters of the book, where she describes herself weeping in a taxi and I didn’t know why she was upset.

On the other hand, she’s quite good at giving a sense of place and what may draw people in towards that place. The community that reels someone towards a pub over and over is always present, even if it is in the background. When she’s able to combine the place with her life, as she was in the chapter involving the Fish pub and her experiences right after 9/11/01, I really understood why people would take to a spot and make it their own.

I don’t know that Drinking With Men is quite as compelling for me as Pete Hamill’s A Drinking Life was, but Schaap is a solid writer who knows how to keep things moving, never overstaying at any one joint or leaving the reader bored. I liked it and say it’s worth your time.