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Misc Debris

I found out about Rogue’s Maple Bacon beer via The New School blog. The first reviews of it were unkind, to say it nicely. Later reviews by someone better versed in the world of beer were better.

All of it misses the point.

Bacon is not a liquid. Stop trying to make it one.

The glories of bacon do not just come from its salty goodness; it’s the crumbling effect between molars, the chewy bits of fat that get wedged between canines that your tongue probes out.

The glories of bacon come from it being a solid. If you are attempting to liquify bacon for any reason, quit it. So I command.

Rogue should’ve made a beer to pair with a maple bacon doughnut instead of taste like one. Isn’t one of the driving forces behind craft beer is that it can pair with food as well as any wine?

Why not do that, instead of create an ale bewildering to customers and bedeviling to brewers?

The Glory of Cool Things, coming to bite us in the ass. Again.