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On The Other Hand

I feel like visiting all the places here would be a great way to experience an important part of Oregon’s contribution to the beer scene.

This is in contrast to last Friday’s post.

And, I’m going to be attending a wedding this weekend so this will be the last post until Nov 14th! Have a safe weekend, everyone.

Portland Craft Beer Fest

I am undoubtedly massively behind on this but last night I met Rodney and Chris, a couple of the guys behind organizing the Portland Craft Beer Fest, meant to spotlight beers made in Portland.  I was talking to Rodney about it and he said, “When someone suggested the idea of having a festival that focused on Portland breweries only, I said, ‘There isn’t one?’ ”

Which was my reaction too! So I felt fortunate to meet these gentlemen and have the opportunity to talk about the upcoming festival in July.  Sure, most of the breweries on the list are ones I’ve heard of but there’s definitely a few new names, like Back Pedal and Royale, and the opportunity to sample all of Portland’s wares in one place should not be overlooked.

What I’m really hoping for, of course, is that some of these breweries will bring some excellent beers to the event. They don’t have to be novel (although that helps) but this city is pretty saturated with beer. It would be in their interest to bring their best stuff so let’s hope that everyone involved feels like showing off. Just a little.