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7pm: GIGO

My usual blog usurped by OBC business, I got lost (foolishly) on my way to Portland U-Brew, who were kind enough to open their doors to us on an off night, so we could hold a board meeting. At the counter, a stranger advises me: “The fresh IPA,” and who am I to resist?

PUB IPAIt’s damn good. My notes suggest tangerine candy and when I ask about it, I’m told that Galaxy hops were added. I’ve not used Galaxy hops before so now I feel like I need to be on a mission to find and use them. Seriously. No matter what, I recommend this ale and believe people should drink it.

The board meeting begins. Two and a half hours. Democracies move slowly but I realize that they move at a human pace.

What are you willing to do?

I haven’t had much experience in leadership positions that involve a democratic rule but what little I’ve had in what is a small, non-profit organization has taught me a lot:

Things move at the pace that people want them to move. So the logical question comes up: What have I done lately to move things in the Republic?

I write, so I write. I do have a message, even through a beer blog, that I try and transmit, about sharing and being decent through the glories of beer.

Of course, I have not sat at Wall Street, raised my voice against the war(s), shed blood for my country. I do the best I can to demonstrate decency, quietly and I realize this may not be enough in the days to come.

Still, I do it anyway because you often get what you give. People who fail to participate in the world often find that they get a culture who does not care about them in return. Change moves at the speed of people, specifically the people willing to put their energy-despite having lives of their own that they need to run-towards that change. Every little bit helps, I hope.