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Water: Still Important

There are a great many things to find disturbing in this timeline. Maybe you don’t care about a lot of them, but if you’re reading this blog, water should definitely be one of them.

So, this story is as good a reason to get involved with opposing the disturbances of this timeline as any.

And before people try to point out that “breweries have their own water filtration systems” or anything along those lines, all I can say is: don’t focus on the tree in order to willfully ignore the forest.

Beer & Politics…

…is something I generally try to veer away from at this blog.

At the end of the day, I’d like to  engage in practices that are compassionate and dictated by evidence and common sense but I attempt to resist explicit declarations because this is a beer blog.

Nevertheless, this article my Dad sent me was pretty interesting. There’s definitely a little bit of ‘lies, damned lies and statistics’ there, insofar as the author is taking the data and drawing some conclusions that aren’t necessarily supported. But it does make for interesting reading.

7pm: Wait! Listen

Finally, I am able to make a return to Bailey’s. It’s weird to have a goal and be deterred from it for such random reasons but it is always good to make my way back.

kolschI see a friend when I walk in, so I give him the head-nod and get a beer. It’s time to get a bottle! Flat Tail‘s Tailgater has the most interesting looking label so I get it. I find out about midway that it’s a kolsh and suddenly I’m not so sure. Fall has come to Portland and I am not sure that a kolsh is where I’m at. Too late now though; the bottle had been cracked open and with a woosh I am poured a schooner of the lager.

It’s alright. I’m not paying attention to it and I suppose that’s exactly the way it’s supposed to be, I just happen to want an ale that commands a little more of my attention.

Or maybe not. As I sit down, a conversation between four people about management and business leading to economics and politics which is very commanding of my attention. The ale not being a distraction is a pretty good thing.

Twice, it’s suggested that I am not letting someone with an opposing viewpoint finish. After the second time, I actually stop and have to halt myself. Because despite being a grownup, I still fall into the ways of children, where the one who can shout the loudest wins.

Being a grownup means being quiet for a bit. Being quiet let me hear what was being said and take it for what it was; a perspective. One I mostly disagreed with, because a chunk of it said this: Don’t hate the game, hate the player.

And I think that if the game is rigged, you fix that fucking game or you hate it with all your might. The players will adapt.

Still, I stopped and listened. I understood what was happening. I responded less viscerally and everything improved, including my understanding of the larger picture.

Except for my beverage selection-nothing wrong with the Tailgater, just not scratching the lizard brain. But sometimes, you just gotta roll with it.

On Letting Go

On Monday I had this exchange with one of the authors of the fine New School blog via Twitter (which is why things like punctuation are not there):

Never missing a promo opportunity Rogue is doing Dead Guy beer tastings all day. Stay classy Rogue

@SamuraiArtist: If that’s about what I think it is, that’s pretty fucked up.

@Grotusque of course it is. They dont just suddenly decide today to put special tastes of all dead guy variations with no notice until today

@SamuraiArtist Uh-huh. I think I’m going to rethink my future purchases of Rogue.

I agree that Osama Bin Laden was an evil man who got what was coming to him. My initial response to the news was: “Good. Because fuck that guy. Note: this will also be my response when Dick Cheney dies.”

I also believe that Bin Laden is dead now and after thanking the men and women who brought him to justice, (and I am extremely grateful for the work they do) it is well past time to work on the multitude of other issues confronting us as a country. I made my comment and then I went back to doing shit, because shit needs to be done.

To paraphrase Patton Oswalt: It’s Monday, get to work.

If you want to raise a glass to his death on your own time; that’s your business. I have certainly done things at home that are well beyond the scope of this blog or public interest. But when your business wants to celebrate a man’s death publicly, however vile that man was, that’s my business too and I don’t think I want to have much to do with you.

Bill 444

At the Oregon Homebrewers Alliance you can get the latest information on Senate Bill 444. The bill is being scheduled for a hearing before the Senate Business, Transportation and Economic Development Committee Thursday, February 10. This is a great time for people who read this blog and are in Oregon to call or email the members of the committee and politely urge them to support the passage of SB 444 along with Senator Prozanski’s amendments to the bill. The committee members need to hear from you if this bill is to succeed.

I don’t think you need to be a homebrewer to support this bill; anyone who has benefited from the efforts and success of the craft brew movement in Oregon, which pretty much includes anyone who drinks alcohol in the state, ought to know that their voice will help homebrewers everywhere continue to provide tasty or at least interesting beers for you to try and it certainly can’t be understated what the craft brew movement has done for employment in Oregon and recognition of this state as one of the leaders in the world of beer.

Thanks to the Oregon Brew Crew listserv, who listed the members of the Senate Committee and their contact information, which I have reproduced here for readers who feel so inclined to help out. And thanks to you, the people who take action.

Senate Business, Transportation and Economic Development Committee Contact Information:

Sen. Lee Beyer, Chair
Capitol Phone: 503-986-1706

Sen. Jason Atkinson, Vice-Chair
Capitol Phone: 503-986-1703
District Phone: 541-282-6502

Sen. Ginny Burdick
Capitol Phone: 503-986-1718

Sen. Chris Edwards
Capitol Phone: 503-986-1707

Sen. Fred Girod
Capitol Phone: 503-986-1709
District Phone: 503-769-4321

Sen. Bruce Starr
Capitol Phone: 503-986-1715
District Phone: 503-352-0922

Oh, the drama

So, in the OBC newsletter, this comic runs:

And K. G. says on the listserve:
“…Now correct me if I’m wrong for stating my opinion, but it disturbs me that some one can draw a statement of a man that is drinking a beer and waiting for a bar to blow up and everyone inside but him, is going to die, just so he can blatantly throw his political view into the words of this destroyed pub, are you Tre’s brother? I am a former Marine and combat vet and have earned the right to question this disgraceful point of view shown in our news letter. With this being said I will not be part of this organization, and you will never receive money or time from me again. Please remove me from your list serve.”

He’s got a complaint, and I get it; we generally keep our politics separate so we can focus on the beer, and this comic getting through was a slip in the editorial policy. It happens. 

But I have a little bit to say about his statement, which I’m doing here and not at the listserve because we don’t do politics on the listserve. 

For the record, it’s not your service as a Marine that gives you the right to question the point of view presented in that comic. While your service is appreciated, it’s your status as an American citizen (in this country) that gives you this right. You don’t earn that right. I agree that the political nature of this comic is out of place, but your tantrum here is also unwarranted. You sound like a bitter whiner, instead of someone who’s got a legitimate issue, and the fact that you’re just going to take your toys and go home cements this. 

So maybe you could step off that high horse, accept the apologies that will most certainly follow, and move along? Because if you aren’t willing to do that, I really don’t want you around.