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Lawnmower Season Has Begun

It’s my opinion the best part of yardwork is the beer you get to have afterward. I probably said that before and I’ll likely said as long as I have to go out and do yardwork.

I was fortunate enough to snag an Omission ale when Rob Widmer kindly brought some by to the Oregon Brew Crew for our meeting last Thursday and I saved it just for today because it looks like the kind of beer to have after mowing.

Gluten free ales seem ┬áto be all the rage, lately. Can’t for the life of me understand why. Is there really that big of a market for gluten-free beers? I suppose so since Widmer seems to be on the track and I’m told many other people will be following suit, not to mention all the smaller breweries mining this particular vein.

Now how they made this beer is unknown: proprietary secrets, I’m told, at least for now but here’s what I can tell you: it tastes like a lager to me man. The Saaz nose hint, a touch of corn chip flavor at the end, it all adds up to a summertime hot day thirst quencher. I wouldn’t always pick this beer but almost hot days certainly wouldn’t refuse one- hell I might even look for it.

Also if I’m having a beer before noon this is definitely on the list of things to have because it isn’t going to throw me off for a big drunken loop that’s always a good thing.

I can’t quite place it but there is something a little off about its taste, a little strange something. Who knows, maybe it’s because everything is so close? It is almost as if they hit this the right end of the uncanny valley for beers where gluten-free brews taste so close to an actual beer that almost there but they’re still something just a hint off, I just can’t place it. I just know it’s a little different.

Nevertheless I approve of this beer I look forward to further refinements but there might make to the Omission.