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7pm The Day Off

I was fortunate enough to spend my day in maximum lounge mode and I have to admit, that’s pretty swell. Sure, I mopped the kitchen (and am I sexy now, ladies?) but the actual workload was somewhere between infant and preschool. It’s good to have those days when you can.

Oakshire/Gigantic Red Collaboration

I’m finishing up with an Oakshire/Gigantic collaboration, the Collabo Wabo. (Sounds like someone listened to a little Van Hagar in the day.) It’s a red ale made with agave and truthfully, I’m not sure what makes that special. It tastes a little fruitier than your average red and there’s no hop finish at all; touch chocolate there, otherwise clean. A little hop in the nose and I’m not sure what’s there: raisin, maybe? Faint fruit but nothing overwhelming. This is a red, after all; though a little hazy, hops, yeast, these things a jedi does not crave. It’s malty and easy to drink, almost a grownup version of chocolate-cherry infused 7up.

Or maybe I’m just crazy. As with all things, I do not suggest you take my word for it but instead try it for yourself.

There’s a red headed woman here that I could swear I’ve met before. I cannot recall where I met her though and as a result, that kind of uncanny familiarity feels weird. I have the awkward desire to stare at someone I have no business staring at, merely to satisfy a curiosity. Let us agree that there are proper methods to investigate curiosity and inappropriate ones and staring falls into the latter.

Maybe this is just what happens when you go to one place long enough: the people become familiar, regardless of whether or not you have met them. This is why we have archetypes, after all. I think that’s a good thing, because what it implies is that it doesn’t matter how different you may seem from someone, there is some common ground to be had, points in your life where you recognize them and they recognize you and there’s a chance to understand a person whom, under any other circumstances, you should never identify with as human or like you.

But the archetypes remain and they don’t care if you don’t recognize them. The monster, the thief, the trickster, the little red headed girl, the loyal dog, the old oracle or the wise drunk; we all gather under the tent. The only trick is to see the mask for the what it represents and then wait for the individual to come out, so you can accept the new thing.

Ah, it’s all just a wild hope that maybe we can do better, as people, you know? “Everybody can change!” It all sounds like bullshit. In part because change is scary and hard to deal with sometimes, because nobody wants to be left behind but change can do that and we all know it. That’s frightening.

Still, if we can all sit down and have a beer and chat, maybe there’s a chance for things to be more awesome, instead of less. Just sayin’.

Oooch. What if the red headed woman hates me? Maybe I ought to hunker down, sip my beer and write instead of hope for a better tomorrow. At the end of the day, I still have to do the work and that is more relevant than the smudge of a dream.

7pm Great Minds

I’m meeting friends so I’m at Bailey’s early tonight. Don’t worry: I’ll still be here at 7, so everyone wanting to meet the rockstar of this joint can still do so.

oakshire and burnside alesIt’s nice to have pals working the bar: those two beers in the picture? The one in the foreground I’m drinking because the beer I wanted, Oakshire‘s Ill-Tempered Gnome, was pouring badly, which they told me before they poured a drop. So I went with a Burnside Alter Ego imperial IPA to wet my whistle in the meantime and the staff was kind enough bring the Gnome out to me when it was finally ready.

I’d barely even touched the Ego, too! Still, I’m double fisting smaller beers tonight, so no worries about going too far. And soon, dinner. Mmmm…dinner.

Times like this, the simple things really are some of the best: a small place where they know me, good beer, the promise of tasty food. People to play games and chat with.

Friend comes in, I tell him about the Ill Tempered Gnome: it has a flavor like chocolate milk! He tries it and agrees, it’s good. “But you can’t drink it for five minutes,” I tell him. “So you order two beers at the same time,” he replies.

Heh. Great minds, right? Good times, good times, as my sister says.

7pm: Indulgences

There are three conspiciously open tables and Geoff, the owner, tells me that they’re expecting some blogger group at 8. Missed it by that much

good life paleI know I was going to be all about the bottle list but there’s a brewery I’ve never heard of, Good Life, with a Sweet As pale wheat beer.  It’s got a sweetness on the nose-a touch of pine, maybe? but almost air-freshener quality, in a good way and a similar feel at the end. It’s sweet, just shy of medicinal sweet, but there’s a hint of something else. Times like this I want another beer or another person, to help me verify what’s going on. I like this beer but I’m not describing it in a way that suggests people ought to drink it…but you should.

Geoff is able to hang with me for a bit. He asks how this theme is going and I think it’s good so far. I haven’t had much of a chance to spread my wings yet but it’ll come and mostly, I tell him, it’s nice to not have to worry about where I’m going to go.

We talk a little about the black market beer thing, stemming off of a conversation about digital distribution and how useful it is for established vendors instead of up-and-comers. It’s agreed; if people want to pay that much for beer, then that’s what they pay but it seems a little weird. Other kinds of art, we’re undecided.

Then again, when you’re surrounded by gold, mayhap lumber takes on more value.

I’m considering a second beer. Yeah, the wallet is empty and I’ll be putting it on credit but why not live like an American!

Wait. Nevermind.

Still, every so often one should treat themselves. Life gets pretty sad when you don’t get to treat yourself. Maybe that Oakshire Harvest Ale. I want to make an Octoberfest style ale this month and here’s a chance to get a good sample of the style.

Yeah. That’s it.

Notes from the OBF Brewer’s Guild Dinner

Taken on my outboard brain with photos managed as best I could. Thoughts after the fact in bold.

Ninkasi ronsom old Tom collaboration:
Unsure of style but it’s light and has a pleasantly hoppy-pine nose. Recommended


Hopworks Cronan the Barbarian
Strong ale and it’s really rich and tasty. Caramel goodness. Highly recommended.

Gilgamesh organic jasmine hefeweisen starts bitter faint honey nose and… Not sure what to make of it. Final decision is meeeh. Everyone else seemed to really enjoy this beer, so maybe it’s just me, or maybe it’s just really hard to follow Cronan.

Pelican wienna wit
More Belgian like with a hint of sour bite at the end. It was OK.

Upright flora rustica
Got that sour Belgian nose dry finish but something kinda dirty there. Upright continues to not persuade me. Does give me a farmhouse feel but I am just not convinced.

Oakshire Perfect Storm double ipa
Wonderful caramel-grapefruit nose that went for the ipa part. Not balanced; stingy at end. Tasty. This beer is for the hopheads because wow does it bite.

Hop Valley Pollenation honey ale
Smooth and easy to drink. Aftertaste may be affected by ipa b/c there’s a weird bitter moment. Talking to others, that dirty aftertaste was present to them, too so maybe it’s not just me.

Ft George Hellcat Belgian
Nose slightly off-putting with a yeasty note but beer is hard to describe. A hard candy start and a pepper finish that doesn’t hit until it’s too late. This was, amongst the people I talked to, one of the most interesting and tasty beers there, and I agree with that. Try it.

The 3rd Anniversary Event

So Bailey’s 3rd year of being open was celebrated in fine style, with twenty beers kept in barrels for months finally making a showing. It was crowded but civil, and between myself and the other four people I was with,  every beer got a fair shake.

In a fit of…maybe not-so-smartness, I used Twitter to catalog my general thoughts on the beers I was drinking. So if my comments on these beers more pithy than descriptive, you’ll know why.

tokensBefore I start though, I want to mention the awesomeness of the tokens used at the event. The picture’s on the left-how cool is that? Old bottlecaps are reusable, colorful, and beer-related. Way, way better than the wooden tokens or paper tickets I usually get at such things.

I started with the Cascade Quadratic. From the feed:  reminds me of a sweet tart with dry finish. I liked it-and it was certainly one of the most complex beers of the bunch.

Next, I had the Allagash Curieux: “has a woody flavor that finishes in a bad way for me.” But later I upgraded this beer saying “as it warmed up the woodiness has mellowed. Drinkable.” I wasn’t a huge fan but I did end up seeing the good side of this one.

The third sample I had was Oakshire’s Ill Tempered Gnome. An old ale I said was “pleasantly hopped on front and back with a solid middle.”  I remember being surprised by this beer, as it was the first one that presented me with any hop presence that I could discern. That certainly helped it stand out in a field of oak and pinot barrel aged brews.

Fourth up was the 3 Skulls barleywine. I got this in part because I like the name 3 Skulls. My notes say: “good but there is a quirk I can’t place.” I never was able to figure it out and in a rare instance, my friends couldn’t assist me, in most cases just not picking up on what I found strange.

dragons milkMy fifth sample was New Holland’s Dragon’s Milk. After some teasing from my girlfriend, the tweet said this: “New holland dragons milk is smooth tasty and caramel coco w/alc warmth.” I liked it quite a bit.

After this, some surprises were in store. I found Deschutes’ Twilight Pinot to be a “solid pale with a fascinating Pinot influence that spikes near the end. Worthy mixture. ”

Upright’s Six was “a sour beer for the masses. Good and drinkable but not distinctive.” I mean this in the best possible way. Sour beers are very, very difficult for many people to drink and some even ask why bother. This beer could serve as a gateway for some into the style, and for others a chance to try the style without taking a sledgehammer of sour to the tongue. I call it a win.

I also liked Lompoc’s LSD “is my final beer smooth and drinkable but…fuck you I’m drinking.”

So clearly, by then I was done writing even though I liked the LSD a lot.

But it seems like the local boys made good in this event. Lompoc, Deschutes and Upright all made good beers I wrote about. I also had Hopworks’ For Those About To Bock on the recommendation of my girlfriend and thought it was very good, and Cedric dug on Hair of the Dog’s Cherry Adam.

I also heard good things about the Lagunitas Pinot Saison and Jolly Pumpkin Oro de Calabaza but there just wasn’t enough time in the day to try everything personally.

Anyway, Cheers to Geoff and his staff for three great years. Here’s to next year!