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Visiting NWIPA

Although the New School beat me to it, this bottle shop is within walking distance from my house so I would be terribly remiss if I didn’t tell people about it.

So there it is; you should go. Done!

Kidding of course. NWIPA is a lovely spot, working a coziness angle to make up for it’s understandably modest collection of brews. It’s a new place and there’s room for more beer so I’m hoping that the future will bring better things but the selection they have is broad enough to satisfy me: I can go, get a good beer either in the bottle or on draft and enjoy myself.

There’s even a nice selection of food to eat. It’s not expansive but, like the rest of the place, makes up for the limited selection with quality: oysters, Salt & Straw ice cream (there was even one  with hop flavoring!), cheese plates, etc.  There’s even a wine option for the non-beer drinkers who come to visit Portland. Plus, they have newly made tables, so the interior still smells of fresh wood. It’s well lit enough to play cards and a nice enough space that I could stay there for an extended period of time and do just that.