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So much went right with this beer. I can tell in the nose, which is sweet, and the toffee flavors that ride right through the beer that I was on the right track. Not as hoppy as I might’ve liked but the hops I’ve been using are starting to get a little old, so it’s understandable.

bad homebrewThen the aftertaste comes in. Like someone who shits on the carpet at the end of your party, so this nasty flavor comes up and ruins an otherwise good beer. Acridly bitter at first then phenolic after that, this aftertaste becomes the beer. Think bandage adhesive and you’ve got the phenolic flavor.

This is the beer I bottled a few weeks ago when my racking cane broke, leading to an unfortunate chain of events where I had to replace it. My best guess is that the beer got oxidized when I attempted to bottle it but it’s also possible that the new equipment just wasn’t sanitized enough and the result infected the beer.

I am going to retry this beer at a future date because 90% of it is right. It’s just the last 10% that kills it and I’m sure I won’t make the same mistake twice.