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Amber ale at FitzgeraldsThis is the house amber ale at Fitzgerald’s Pub in Manhattan, New York.

I’m in New York because an old friend got married and asked me and another buddy from Portland to be his groomsmen. I’m in Fitzgerald’s because the third groomsman, whom I hadn’t met previous to the day of the wedding, invited us to his bar the next evening.

To my surprise, the amber is made by Michelob but damnit, it’s tasty. Nice mouthfeel, just enough caramel malt to look and taste amazing and easy to drink.

“It’s 6%,” the bartender-and our host- says, a little apologetic, his Irish accent softened by years of living in New York, “so it’s a little high,” and I chuckle in response.

“We start our IPAs at 7.5 in Portland. This is great.”

I had a blur of a weekend, and 90% of it was in service to the wedding I attended.

But for just a little bit, after it was all over, I was able to make a little time to sit at the pub with some old and new friends, and have a drink.

That’s a pretty good deal.

East Coast 2017

As I mentioned Monday, my last trip was to the east coast where I was hosted in New Jersey and got to spend time in New York. Of course, I drug my Dad around to try beer because otherwise we would’ve just gone to see awesome stuff all day. Can’t have that!

I proceed, once again, with my lightly edited notes.

37419583870_bcde108431_cCricket Hill Fall Festivus Ale: vegetal finish = no, this is awful.

Departed Soles-Playoff Beard: red-burnt on the finish in a way that just overwhelms the beer. It’s drinkable but I didn’t enjoy it. I just wanted to finish a beer.

Pipeworks War Bird session IPA: sour. Poured this out. How a sour session IPA comes into existence boggles me.

Troegs-Hopback Amber: this is solid. Nice, drinkable beer, the roasted qualities are there but not overpowering. The midrange of the beer feels a little thin but the pluses outweigh the minuses.

Hop Concept IPA: It’s an IPA that is so clean that the bitterness might be the only thing on the finish that registers and while that’s not bad, it’s a little one dimensional. If I reach for it, I can get a little tropical fruit-mango, I think-but it’s just not balanced enough for me.

36967432744_26d3272c7f_cEinstok White Ale: This is a really nice white ale; a touch of coriander in the nose, with a sweetness that helps like fantastic dryness on the finish to that encourages the next sip.

Threes: Way to go Idaho (my Dad ordered this so I just got a sip)-super dank, almost gritty marijuana flavor.
Temporary Identity: NE IPA and not bad but doesn’t stand out special, either.

I still love the names Threes gives their beer. Also, it was the place that had the most ‘Fuck Trump’ graffiti I saw in the bathroom. Points for that, too.

Terrapin-Hopsecutioner IPA: solid nose, which I appreciate. I get grassy notes from it and that leads nicely into the caramel malt in the body. The finishing bitterness isn’t too intense, which seems a little surprising but I’m pleased about. I’d have another.

23824569438_083b5f2866_cFolks Bier Helles Simple: this tasted like pickled green beans. That is…no. However, I also had a their Echomaker dark rye ale, which I enjoyed and the Recurring Dreams 10 IPA, which was good. So 2 out of 3?

902 Brewing Single Hop IPA with Amarillo hops: It’s not bad. There isn’t much dimension to it , though. The Amarillo hop gives me a solid but not overwhelming grapefruit flavor, the bitterness isn’t too prominent at all and there’s a strong sweet note in the middle to try and give this beer something else to do. But I’m just not that excited.

New York I love you, but you’re bumming me out

That’s not true. I just took the title from a song, because I like to do that sort of thing. What is true is that  I started to encounter a problem with getting beer from a corner store. It was a game of roulette and with my last few beers, I repeatedly lost.

Without further ado:

I am at the Knitting Factory and I’m nervous and alone and there’s nothing for me to do but wait for food. So I get the Smuttynose, a pale of some sort…and this beer isn’t bad! It’s not brilliant but it’s not bad. The nose isn’t a lasting one but it is there, faint hops & spicy before I take a sip. The finish has a bit of spiciness too; could be there’s a little rye malt in there because the beer finishes dry. It’s a nicely drinkable beer, even if it isn’t outstanding. It takes a few sips for me to notice a little sweetness in the middle but it is there, helping to put a little weight on the other end of the flavor scale and that’s a good thing.

Keg & Lantern Green Eyes IPA: I went to this brewpub and this is a REALLY nice beer. What makes it? The middle. It looks really light but there’s a solid bready sweetness to the middle that introduces the citrus bitter finish. The menu says it’s brewed every 14 days and it has the fresh taste that convinces me that this is the truth.

I also had a pale ale from Key & Lantern and enjoyed that, too.

Harpoon UFO wheat ale; nose of light struck lager (peppery) and “no”. I think it’s old, I think this beer is not even close to its best. The papery aftertaste strongly suggests oxidation so…let’s pour it out.

Peak Organic Amber ale; this is nice. It isn’t brilliant and it finishes in a way I can’t put my finger on yet. But there’s a very pleasant caramel malt thread running through the beer, start to near-finish. That finish has this waxy quality that is coating my tongue in an unpleasant way. It isn’t undrinkable but it isn’t great.

Captain Lawrence Liquid Gold,-belgian style with spices.
OK, so this is just a big ol’ glass of banana. It’s tasty banana. I would eat it as any kind of gorilla or orangutan.

Next Post: I’m going to put up on Saturday, as I plan to spend Friday at the Portland Craft Beer fest. I’ll have notes from the event!

Disneyland, NYC, we got Mickey Mouse, We got Pornography

My trip to New York was a pretty intense adventure: lots of awesome people, a level of humidity I haven’t had to endure since my visit to Baton Rogue, and a whole lot of beers I hadn’t heard of or hadn’t drank before. I wasn’t able to take notes on everything because sometimes I set aside time to visit or I just didn’t have the tools on me to take notes.  Still, I had some interesting stuff and for the next couple posts, I’ll be presenting my somewhat edited notes; enjoy!

Coney Island Mermaid pilsner: that is just too damn bitter on the finish. The rye malt the label says is added does give the beer a nice spiciness but the bite on the finish doesn’t make it a very easy drinking pilsner. I suppose this might slide in under the Classic American pils rules but the bitterness is strong enough that I don’t see it.

(Days later I would have another and I found it far more enjoyable. I’m not sure what may have changed, except for this: I had my initial taste from the bottle, and my second beer was on draft.)

Founders Dirty Bastard scotch style. This is not bad on the first sip. The 8.5% ABV means that it’s about as dense as it should be for the style. I find myself unhappy with the finish, though. Vegetal? Overly hopped? The finish is a little acrid, is what I’m finding. There’s some nice caramel malt in the nose-C60? Maybe C80 malt. Once again, sticking the landing is difficult. I feel like I’m missing something. Checking the style, peaty qualities may be present and I wonder if that aftertaste I’m not enjoying is their attempt at adding some smokey characteristics to the beer?

Threes brewing Unreliable Narrator IPA
This is a fine example of the English style IPA, well balanced with hop presence but not hop domination. The hop nose is fresh, almost grassy and man, do I like this beer. I’d have another, if I wasn’t so hellbent on trying something else they did.

Threes brewing Words Have No Meaning: beire de Miel-
This is a pretty nice farmhouse ale, which is light and…horseblanket nose? The finish is dry, and there’s an herbal bitterness there that I dig on. This beer wants some pretzels! Yessss…

My Dad would really like it at Threes. It’s cool, there’s good music (60’s R&B, 70’s dance) and there’s good beer and…yeah, he’d dig it. Come visit NYC, Dad, go to the Threes Brewing and have a beer. Hell, everyone should check it out. Place is awesome and has good beer.

Other Half
Man, this is the sketchiest entry to a brewery ever.  Inside, the walls are fucked up, old clocks, metal hoops without any purpose, I think this hasn’t seen a can of paint in 40 years…

Got the Boogie Board Stuntz collaboration with Bunker brewing. It’s…meh. The finish is dry enough but it really does’t have much to impress. The beer finishes a lot drier than I would expect and it isn’t all that. I would’ve hoped for more from a kolsh on a hot muggy day like today.

Tried the Green Diamonds next on the recommendation of a patron and it WAS better. Quite a bit better. But I couldn’t get any nose on the beer (and it’s an imperial IPA) which is a pretty hard knock against it. The grapefruit qualities on the finish weren’t incredibly bitter and even tilted slightly sweet to help keep the ale balance. All & all I have to say that it just didn’t impress, though.