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Continuing Education

Her lips twisted to the left in disapproval.

“It’s good, but it has that iodine aftertaste,” she said.

I’m pretty certain that my internal sigh was matched by a slight droop of my shoulders. This has been a common complaint from my girlfriend about beers I’ve made and have been trying to correct for a couple years now. It’s not always there and she seems to detect it more often than I do but I have gotten this flavor off and on. My belief was that the sanitizer I was using, iodophor, was causing this after taste; the flavor was uncommonly similar to the smell of iodine. I checked the amount I was using and according to the directions, I was using the right amount, which is good but this slightly metallic note has continued to occasionally appear, to my dismay.

I just kept forgetting to ask people about it. Thankfully, the OBC has a forum section now and I could just ask the question and come back to reference it later! I got some really good advice, including a link to an article written by a San Francisco homebrewer, which has me tweaking how I use my sanitizer.

Plus, I had enough people saying I should use StarSan instead of Iodophor, so I probably will switch when I’ve used all this up–assuming I can get a handle on the problem. I certainly hope so, because I don’t want to get rid of $32 worth of sanitizer. My money > less of my money, you know?

And now, we wait

Before I start, I’d just like to direct everyone’s attention here, where you can add your name to the petition to stop the SOPA and PIPA bills. Anyone who knows anything about how the internet works and has (reasonably) trustworthy motives has said these bills are awful, corporate strangleholds over the internet as we know it, allowing for censorship in all but name.

Some of your favorite web sites may be blank/redirected today and their protest of these bills is why. I’m too small to make a difference with a blackout but not too small to draw your attention elsewhere-and I know that politics isn’t what you’re here for, so I thank my readers for this tiny indulgence.

stout and amber brews

So, here we are. Two beers, fermenting away. The left is a stout, the right is an amber. So far, things have been going well: the stout needs to go into secondary soon, I believe but it may be best to take some gravity readings on the amber before I make any moves there because I’m afraid I didn’t pitch enough yeast.

I’m learning now, after eight years, that I may have been underpitching my yeast all this time. No wonder the batches made with second runs of yeast or donated by craft breweries did better: there was more yeast!

Still, better to learn now than to never learn at all.

One thing not brewing for three months has taught me is: I drink a lot of beer.

I know this now because I am having to pay for a lot of beer. That shit is expensive! I think I can grok the mindset of the PBR drinker a little better. Still don’t agree with it much but I understand it.

A fellow OBC member directed me to a place on his blog where one can see where the costs of buying homebrew equipment starts paying for itself. Pretty cool and, if you ever needed a reason to start homebrewing, this might be it. According to the calculator, I save about $41 per batch of homebrew I make, instead of buying it at the store.
That’s a lot of dinero. And My Money > less of My Money.