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Casualbrewing beers

I don’t get to review the brews of another homebrewer that often, but casualbrewing was kind enough to give me a few of his and permission to talk about them on the blog, so here we go!

First, I had his Market Spice ale. I want to say this is a brown ale but wow does the Market Spice tea show up in the nose and flavors of this beer. After about ten minutes or so, the drink has warmed up enough that the spices seem to be easing off and a more chocolatey flavor comes thorough. Tasty stuff.

Next up was the A-hole ale, which is his take on Arrogant Bastard. That makes this beer a little harder for me to review, because I’ve never liked Arrogant Bastard. Just not arrogant or bastardy enough for me. The A-hole has a barleywine-ish nose, but the beer itself is more like an amber ale with a strong shove of bitterness at the end. Not a bad beer but not for me I think.

Finally, I had a beer marked with an ‘H’ on the cap. He told me what it was-but I forgot AND deleted the note where he told me. Because of my dumbassery, I feel too embarrassed to ask again-hopefully he’ll let me know in the comments. But the nose and flavors make barleywine statements. It’s a flavorful beer, but I’m having it with lunch and it’s red wine tendencies make me think I should have this with dark chocolate instead. A mismatch on my part, not a flaw of his beer.

Anyway, that’s my brief overview. Special thanks to casualbrewery for letting me talk about his stuff in a public space!