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After the last beer I had from the Bruery (the Maple Leaf) which I hated and my experience with Rogue’s Voodoo Stout, (which is beyond awful) I figured that I was all done with maple-oriented beers.

Yet, I got this story, sent by my Dad, about the tradition of making maple beers. History is important to brewing, especially when we consider those times, like Prohibition, when we lost yeast strains, recipes and talent that, in some ways, can never be replaced. So anytime there is an opportunity to try out those recipes from the past I think that’s really important to brewers and beer lovers.

On the upside, this data insists that I continue to challenge the notions of what I know and what I ought to try. I don’t mind that, although given my experience if I try one, I’m going to approach it most carefully.

On the downside, I have to continue to challenged the notions of what I know. Let’s face it: that’s a pain in the ass.